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mendelow stakeholder matrix template is a mendelow stakeholder matrix sample that gives infomration on mendelow stakeholder matrix design and format. when designing mendelow stakeholder matrix example, it is important to consider mendelow stakeholder matrix template style, design, color and theme. stakeholders are important to identify and manage in order for our businesses and/or projects to have a high chance of success. a project’s success will be determined by how effectively we work with our stakeholders and this is where mendelow’s matrix can help us to achieve this goal. for example, a director is likely to have high power and high interest in the organisation, whereas the government would have high power to impact strategy via regulation, but potentially less interest – the same with a large competitor. for example, the ceo is likely to have power to influence an organisation project and also high interest in it being successful. however, those stakeholders with low power and low interest (e.g.

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the other two quadrants highlight stakeholders that need to be kept satisfied (high power, low interest) and those that need to be kept informed (high interest, low power). you might find it very useful to analyse all stakeholders that would impact your business strategy, marketing communications campaigns or new product launches at the start of your project. equally, when planning a communications campaign, you can analyse stakeholder audiences to be targeted using this tool. for example, your organisation might inadvertently contravene a regulation which would cause the regulatory body to move from high power, low interest to high power, high interest. equally, the media would also move from low power, low interest, to low power, high interest. this article was written by fiona eriksen-coats, and was updated oct 2023. if you are interested in learning about stakeholder management, our range of cim qualifications may be for you.

mendelow’s matrix is a tool that may be used by an organization to consider the attitude of their stakeholders at the start of a project or when they are setting out strategic objectives. if this were to happen, this would reduce the company’s profits and would be to the detriment of the shareholder’s requirement of increasing profits and resulting wealth. this will consider factors such as the level of interest a stakeholder has in a project or organization’s chosen strategies and whether are they likely to use their power to influence this. if a stakeholder has a financial interest this will increase their level of interest in the company’s operations and future strategy. if a stakeholder does not have alternative options to dealing with or working with the organization, this would also increase their interest due to the fear of no immediate alternatives or fear of losing the benefits that the organization provides.

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the stakeholders in the present country of operation may not wish to lose the benefits to the local economy that the organization brings and therefore do what they can to ensure that the organization does not relocate. examples of this would include job losses, which impact the economy or a change in processes that may impact on the environment or may create interest from individuals, councillors or community/environmental groups. no content on this website is intended to be financial advice, and it must not be used as such. clicking the affiliate links from this website should not affect the price you pay for any product or service, and in some cases, there may be offers that are better than ordinarily available. in this instance, we may receive a commission from the payment for the work you complete.

the mendelow stakeholder matrix is a framework used to analyze stakeholder attitudes and expectations and their potential impact on business decisions. the mendelow matrix is divided into four categories with stakeholder interest (low to high) on the x-axis and stakeholder power (low to high) on the y-axis. these stakeholders may not have the power to directly impact decisions, but their support and engagement can be valuable for the brand’s reputation and also the organization’s long-term viability. with high power and high interest, it is these stakeholders that tend to be the most influential.

managing relationships with these stakeholders is critical for the company’s success since their support and cooperation substantially influences outcomes. it helps them identify which stakeholders require immediate attention and engagement, and which are lower priority and can be managed with less effort. while the simplicity of the matrix can be an asset to a company that wants to easily determine stakeholder power, this trait can also be a drawback. it is also important to note that stakeholder power and interest can be dynamic and fluctuate over time. different stakeholders may perceive their own power and interest differently, and the same can also be said for companies.