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at bright horizons, the safety of children, families, and staff has always been our top priority. i love teaching because: i love to watch children’s confidence when they mastered learned activities, lessons, and games. bright horizons is committed to 100% naeyc (national association for the education of young children) accreditation for all of our eligible child care centers and preschools.

based on a multi-step process of continuous evaluation and improvement, naeyc accreditation is the most comprehensive in the field, ensuring that our programs are informed by research and demonstrate high-quality standards. naeyc accreditation is our commitment to families. bright horizons goes beyond what a traditional daycare would offer in order to establish a strong foundation for success in school and life. schedule a one-on-one zoom meeting with bright horizons to get a personalized tour.

we utilize many different teaching styles and methods to reach each child throughout the day. teaching and curriculum – the academy, eec’s program is aligned with pennsylvania state standards and constructed in such a way, so as to include all styles of learning. wellness – we feel a child’s wellness and health are the cornerstone of a successful learning environment. the academy utilizes as much fresh and in-season fruit and vegetables as possible. we serve lean cuts of meat, whole grain components, and prepare all meals on-site.

we begin many days with meditation and bringing awareness to the present moment. families – the academy families are families to us all! we keep families up to date, hourly, with our kangarootime parent application for cell phones or tablets. we encourage open communication between home and school – to provide the child with consistency in his/her young life. we greet families in the morning, encourage communication, and engage in friendly interactions between parents, staff, and children. at the academy, early education center, our mission consists of providing a warm and nurturing environment where children feel safe.

the academy preschools in nashville tn provide child care & daycare in state-of-the-art facilities with award-winning educational and enrichment programs. the academy early childhood education center has carefully developed an educational, theme based curriculum that implements the creative curriculum, kindergarten boot camp at the academy is in full swing this summer. we are geared up and learning so much about navigating kindergarten! ☀️. to learn more, .

enrollment. join our program. from the 9 preschools we visited before enrolling our child to the academy, your daycare center tuition & openings. schedule your visit to our local child care center, the academy at westwood: a bright horizons preschool. daycare center tuition & openings. schedule your visit to our local child care center, the academy at manhattan beach: a bright horizons preschool., .

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