sunshine day care

we at sunshine day care services provide the much-needed respite to those mothers and improve the child’s learning process though our well-thought out and researched programs and innovative learning atmosphere. most of our child care services are professionally run with clear policies on child safety; so that the parents can be sure that their children are in the safest hands possible and are being cared like a parent would like the child to be cared for. we always encourage the parents and the guardians to experience for themselves the atmosphere of our set-up, the safety measures, and the capabilities and of the teachers and the caregivers, in short, the overall ambiance of the school. our services are available to both married and single parents who don’t have anyone at home with whom they can leave the child or children, and the terms of the services are customized as per the parent’s needs and requirements. we would advise that when you chose day-care services for your child/ children do it with utmost care as this is the surrounding in which your child will spend time and learn.

welcome to sunshine daycare we are delighted that you have chosen our child care to provide for the needs of your beloved child. the parent handbook has been written to describe our program, philosophy, policies, and all the practical details that go into making each day as happy and successful as possible. we would be glad to address any of your questions or concerns. we understand the fact that child care services should be regular and timely so as not to disrupt the child’s schedule and inconvenience the parents. we provide trained teachers and caregivers that will take the utmost care of the child and someone that the child should be comfortable being around.

committed to a higher standard of excellence & quality in child care. since 1984, sunshine day camp has been a part of family life in santa clarita valley. explore our top-rated daycare, preschool & after-school for kids 6 weeks-12 years. we focus on school readiness, social, emotional development, and love & care! at sunshine daycare, we specialize in offering safe, attentive care for infants as young as 6 weeks old to children up to 12 years of age., .

we believe students learn best when they are actively engaged. through hands on activities, students are given opportunities to make sense of and develop an our experience. for more than 40 years, parents and families have entrusted sunshine daycare center to teach and nurture their children. we’ve introduced new sunshine day care center uses the hours when children might otherwise be alone or sitting in front of the television, and allows them to interact with their, .

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