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stakeholder assessment template is a stakeholder assessment sample that gives infomration on stakeholder assessment design and format. when designing stakeholder assessment example, it is important to consider stakeholder assessment template style, design, color and theme. project managers, program managers, and product managers alike may conduct a stakeholder analysis for several strategic reasons, including: by approaching company influencers, executives, or valuable stakeholders for help early in your project, you can leverage the knowledge and wisdom of these key players to help guide the project to a successful outcome. because your stakeholder analysis will help you determine which people to involve in the project, you will then be able to bring these people together for a kickoff and early-stage meetings to communicate the project’s strategic objectives and plans. without a stakeholder analysis, you and your team could be well into a company project before you realize a key person in your organization—perhaps an executive—does not see the value of your initiative, or would prefer to redeploy some of your resources to other projects.

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watch this video for an in-depth explanation of stakeholder analysis and to learn how to efficiently conduct a stakeholder analysis. after all, the way you manage the many stakeholders across your company whose jobs your product could impact—starting with identifying them through a stakeholder analysis—could mean the difference between these stakeholders enthusiastically helping your product’s development or trying to block its progress. of course, youu can reduce this list later, but you don’t want to miss a potentially pivotal stakeholder at this early stage. however, if you enlist the help and approval of these stakeholders early on, you can turn many of these individuals into avid supporters of your initiatives.

the most important reason for identifying and understanding stakeholders is that it allows you to recruit them as part of the effort. it’s generally the fairest course you can take, and the one that is most likely to keep your effort out of trouble. some of the many ways that stakeholder interests may manifest themselves: a classic case is that of the conflict between open space preservation and the opportunity to sell land for development. the jobs of police, teachers, therapists, medical personnel, and others can be changed by changes in laws, regulations, or policy. stakeholder analysis (stakeholder mapping) is a way of determining who among stakeholders can have the most positive or negative influence on an effort, who is likely to be most affected by the effort, and how you should work with stakeholders with different levels of interest and influence. community-based and community-focused organizations and institutions may be more likely to have other purposes in mind when the issue of stakeholder management arises.

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another way to look at stakeholder management – and remember that all the people and groups we’re talking about here are stakeholders, those who can affect and are affected by the effort in question – is that the most important stakeholders are those most dramatically affected. if you can’t, they become the most powerful opponents of your effort, and could make it impossible to succeed. that means working with the promoters to explain the concept of participation fully and to convince them that pulling all stakeholders in is the best way to accomplish your – and their – goals. evaluation of the stakeholder process should be an integral part of the overall evaluation of the effort, and stakeholders themselves should be involved in developing that evaluation. in order to gain stakeholder participation and support, it’s important to understand not only who potential stakeholders are, but the nature of their interest in the effort. as with any community building activity, work with stakeholders has to continue for the long term in order to attain the level of participation and support you need for a successful effort.

the stakeholder analysis is conducted at the beginning of a project to better understand the need of each stakeholder and their primary requirements. the purpose of a stakeholder analysis is to outline the key stakeholders and their needs at the start of the project. essentially, the idea is to identify trends and possible points of conflict between the information each stakeholder shared in the interview. this might mean readjusting the project scope or reevaluating the direction of the project, but a stakeholder analysis will allow you to figure this out before the project begins.

for these stakeholders, “you might not care if their interest in the project is low because they’re not the most important stakeholders and they’re not going to add a ton of value based on their influence,” mattmann added. the purpose of a stakeholder analysis is to outline the key stakeholders and their needs for the project. an ideal time to conduct a stakeholder analysis is during the early phase of your project as this will give you a better understanding of where things stand with your project currently and where you need to improve in the present and the future. she is passionate about economic development and is on the board of two non-profit organizations seeking to revitalize her former railroad town.