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this early care & education search tool will help you locate the type of early care and education program that meets your needs. you also can learn more about programs’ licensing status, step up to quality rating, and inspection results. the office of early learning and school readiness aims for families, preschool staff, and the community to work together to meet the needs of young children with disabilities. to meet individual children’s needs, districts offer a variety of preschool special education services. children with disabilities may receive services in public schools, private preschools, or child care centers. each child with a disability has an individualized education program, or iep. parents, teachers, therapists, and school administrators collaborate to write the iep. the iep lists the individual goals for the child and the services the child receives.

205 jesse hill jr. drive seatlanta, ga 30334local (404) 656-2800toll free: (800) 311-3627 (ga)fax: (404) 651-8737email:  askdoe@gadoe.org the individual with disabilities education act (idea) part b section 619 is intended to help states ensure that all preschool‐aged children (3 through 5 years of age) with disabilities receive special education and related services. early childhood lre refers to the least restrictive environment where children receive their special education services. early childhood outcomes for preschool children receiving special education services are reported each year to office of special education programs (osep).

gadoe currently does not have any written requirements for preschool special education classrooms, but the expectation is that the classroom would be equipped with furniture and instructional materials that are age appropriate, as well as developmentally appropriate to facilitate the education of children ages 3-5.  in an effort to provide guidance and ideas of how you could construct optimum educational environments for our youngest students, below are 3 bright from the start/department of early care and learning (bfts/decal) resources. the gelds are the learning standards for children birth to age five. the standards are appropriate, attainable and flexible enough to support children’s individual rates of development, approaches to learning, and cultural context.

preschool special education is a state and federally mandated program for three and four year old children who are experiencing challenges in their learning picture of a laughing preschoolers in a wheelchair. special education is instruction specifically designed to meet the educational and developmental needs of preschool special education services can support children ages three to five with disabilities or delays in development. these services are provided free of, .

early childhood special education (ecse) is a state and federally mandated program for young children with disabilities ages 3-5. maryland’s system of preschool special education services provides specialized instruction and related services, such as speech-language therapy, early childhood special education services for children, three through five years of age and their families, are provided through local school districts and, .

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