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decades of research show the positive effects of universal, classroom-based sel programs for children. when implemented holistically, with a coordinated, community-wide approach, sel can build stronger communities and support inclusive, equitable white paper introducing second stepâ® sel for adults, a professional learning program for all school staff to strengthen their social-emotional skills and create a supportive school climate.learn more second stepâ® programa extraescolar, a spanish-language version of second stepâ® out-of-school time, is now available.

the second step family of programs helps you take a holistic approach to social-emotional learning (sel), combining classroom sel with new offerings for out-of-school time and sel for adults. we’re committed to ensuring our programs are culturally relevant, affirming, and accessible to all children, especially the most systemically marginalized children.

the pathway 2 success sel curriculum is a complete social emotional learning curriculum designed for elementary learners. social emotional learning, also known as sel, is the process for acquiring social and emotional skills for everyday success. social and emotional learning helps teach skills that kids and teens need to be successful. the lessons and activities in this curriculum are designed specifically for learners of all levels and abilities to learn, use, discuss, and generalize the social and emotional skills they need. learners need strategies to manage their emotions, advocate for themselves, and make positive decisions throughout their lives. each unit breaks apart the skills in a meaningful, fun, and memorable way for learners.

another option is to have students do the cutting of materials like task cards right during your lesson time. some lessons and activities are designed for larger groups, but the vast majority of activities can be used 1:1 or in small groups. further, some lessons discuss “school” and other school-related activities, but the main target for every lesson is the sel skills. it’s most important to get started teaching sel skills right away, rather than waiting for the “perfect” time. to access each digital version, you will click a link that will make a copy of the file in your google drive account. head over to my store and find the social emotional curriculum to get started right away. use the sel curriculum planning and pacing guides to answer all of your questions and plan out the year filled with meaningful activities for your learners.

our elementary curriculum resources are organized around, and aligned to, casel’s core competencies for social-emotional learning. second step is a program rooted in social-emotional learning (sel) that helps transform schools into supportive, successful learning environments uniquely universal, classroom-based, social-emotional learning curriculum for kindergarten–grade 5 that nurtures children’s social-emotional competence and foundational, .

early elementary students are beginning to understand how to regulate their emotions and show empathy for others. in later elementary grades, they make deeper friendships and understand how their actions affect others. social-emotional learning is an important part of a well-rounded education, and research shows that it is linked to academic success: a 2017 meta-analysis from casel shows that investment in sel has led to improved classroom behavior, better stress management, and 13 percent gains in academics. this complete curriculum targets the five core areas of social emotional learning: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, relationships, and positive action is a comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum that helps children develop self-management skills and encourages responsible decision join teachers and school counselors in 4 out of 5 elementary schools across the usa and we provide a full social emotional learning (sel) curriculum and, .

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