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cultivate a community of adults who engage in their own social and emotional learning, collaborate on strategies for promoting sel, and model sel throughout the school. this calls on schools to focus on adults’ professional growth as educators as well as their own social and emotional learning (jones et al., 2018). for these reasons, it’s critically important that schoolwide sel implementation intentionally nurtures a work environment in which staff feel supported, empowered, able to collaborate effectively and build relational trust, and also able to develop their social and emotional skills.

this focus area will help your school create a supportive staff environment that cultivates adult social and emotional competence and capacity through the following sections: learn: support staff in reflecting on personal social and emotional competencies and developing capacity for supporting sel in their peers and students. as you’re implementing strategies to strengthen adult sel, you may also want to engage in focus area 4: practice continuous improvement to develop a plan for collecting and reflecting on data related to adult sel. this involves shaping how staff collaborate and develop professionally while cultivating and modeling the…more as the ambassadors of adult sel, school leaders set the tone for a positive school climate. by consistently modeling sel, prioritizing time for reflection and planning around sel, and intentionally working to build relationships with school staff, administrators become visible ambassadors for schoolwide sel.

social and emotional learning isn’t just for kids anymore. to help you grow, we’ve provided 10 activities to try with your students or on your own! develop an emotional rating scale for your students or better yet, have them develop their own. here are some examples of visuals to help improve self-regulation. watch this mindfulness for teachers webinar (and earn a certificate of completion).

have students create a web to brainstorm positive outcomes of practicing self-discipline. try a role-playing activity or scenario-based exercise to increase understanding of differing perspectives. take time to reflect on the people in your personal and/or professional life who are important and tell them why they matter to you. talk to students about body language and foster this healthy relationship skill by having them practice reading and using body language. we could all use a reminder about digital footprints and balance. want to learn more about how sel can help make your classroom and your school a place of genuine acceptance and hope?

the casel school guide supports adult social and emotional learning with activities, professional development, and resources. 1. mindfulness: 2. name the emotion you’re bringing to class: 3. write down, rip up, and throw away your stress: 4. growth mindset vs. fixed discover strategies and best practices to strengthen adult sel in this one great activity for building relationships in groups is “rose, bud, thorn., sel activities for staff meetings, sel activities for staff meetings, virtual sel activities for adults, fun sel activities for high school, sel activities pdf.

try a role-playing activity or scenario-based exercise to increase understanding of differing perspectives. add video for some fun and laughs! 3 signature practices for sel. welcoming rituals that promote activities for inclusion. • greetings and check-ins. • community building exercises. “sel is the process through which children and adults understand and manage emotions, set and achieve positive goals, feel and show empathy for, sel activities for teachers, social-emotional learning activities for high school pdf. 25 fun and easy sel activities to boost social skillsdraw with squiggles. build a classroom web. face the music. create a peace place. perfect picture books. it’s morphin’ time! diversity is cool in our community. these shoes were made for walkin’

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