seesaw home learning

multimodal tools open a clear window into students’ minds. drawing, video, voice recording, and more grow as students grow – from pre-kindergarten through elementary grades and beyond. intuitive communication tools build home-to-school connections. built-in translation in 100+ languages empowers all families to participate in student growth. seesaw lessons strengthen what you’re already doing. aligned to your core curricula and standards, seesaw lessons are ready to assign in seesaw. capture the entire learning process as it unfolds. at-a-glance usage and mastery data make it easy to target instruction. see all learning related to an activity, standard, or student in one place. seesaw takes the lift off of schools and districts. from onboarding onward, new teachers get started and returning teachers get excited to accomplish even more.

many children have access to their parent’s phones or have their own device and with a click of a button, the students will be in seesaw and soon be adding to their journal. the teacher will go to their settings and generate home codes for each student in their class. with home learning codes, students can only see their journal/work as opposed to being able to see their classmate’s work in the class. you may be asked to turn on family access if you turned it off in the settings. once the family members have signed in they will see their own child’s journal and any messages that have been sent to them by the teacher. as the teacher, it is very important to set up folders to make it easier for you, your students, and family members to access student work. when you are in the folder settings, you will need to turn on the add to folders setting if you want students to be able to add their own items to the folder.

if the teacher has access to this feature the teacher can click on the lock and be able to access and use this area. the more you get family members involved they will feel less overwhelmed and part of their child’s learning environment. create experiences for learners to make positive, socially responsible contributions and exhibit empathetic behavior online that build relationships and community. mentor students in safe, legal and ethical practices with digital tools and the protection of intellectual rights and property. use technology to create, adapt and personalize learning experiences that foster independent learning and accommodate learner differences and needs. design authentic learning activities that align with content area standards and use digital tools and resources to maximize active, deep learning. manage the use of technology and student learning strategies in digital platforms, virtual environments, hands-on makerspaces or in the field.

seesaw is the best interactive learning platform for prek-5. lift student learning and family engagement to new heights with multimodal learning tools, step 1: ​download or update the seesaw class app on your device or go to to get started. ​app update is required! a child’s home and community is a unique, powerful learning environment. teachers and family members need to work together to support continuous., .

home learning codes (a 12-digit text code or qr code) allow students to sign in to the seesaw. class app from home while protecting their privacy. this means home learning codes were created for students to be able to access seesaw at home for distance learning. with these codes, students do not have to remember a, .

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