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the greater wichita ymca is the region's leading kdhe-licensed child care provider for kids of all ages (two-weeks through their start of school). the andover elc, located in the dr. jim farha andover ymca, provides children with a mixture of learning, social, and physical activities that holistically approach education, build confidence, and ensure future success. we offer income-based financial assistance (for reduced-cost access to child care and camp - for those who qualify). all greater wichita ymca child care programs are contracted with dcf. jackie tanner is the director of the andover elc program. she has worked in early childhood education and development for more than 25 years and has run the program at andover since 2013. jackie believes that strong relationships with a parent and their child are the key to building a strong program.

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while balancing home, work, and other activities, we need that village even more. as a community-minded educational center, we personally pour into each unique child and family, providing the individualized nutrients you need to flourish. we all want the best for our kids, but bigger is not always better. we’re all in this together to give your busy little bees the nurturing care and quality education they need – all while providing you with relevant resources and additional support at home. our goal goes beyond child care. we want our center to be a place where families can connect, engage and find the resources they need to build strong foundations and bright futures for their kids. your busy bee will have a blast with activities and projects that are wonderfully challenging yet developmentally appropriate. paying close attention to your child’s development, we provide care that is both educational and fun – the best of both worlds!

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you know the needs of your child and family. if you would like to start your search on your own, the search for child care page will allow you to search the entire database of regulated child care providers in new york state (except for day care centers in new york city). day care centers in new york city are regulated by the new york city department of health and mental hygiene (dohmh). the office of children and family services has a helpful set of brochures, as you think about child care..., that you can view and download from this website or have mailed to you by your ccrr or regional office of the division of child care services. if a parent or child care provider has questions or concerns about the results of an inspection, they can contact the licensing staff or the regional office that oversees the program.

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my grandchildren attend because we know that the care at the children's center is exemplary and helps them grow both educationally and spiritually in a family type environment. i would recommend the children center to anyone who wants a safe, clean and quality environment for their children. i have been in and out of the center for 20 years and brought my children there. our head start program is designed to strengthen independency, literacy, language, as well as pre-math and cognitive skills. our kindergarten program has been designed to strengthen critical thinking and problem solving skills through interactive learning. the growth never stops! no limits summer camp allows children to unplug from technology, and embrace the arts, fitness, field trips, and college tours building confidence and resiliency while developing life skills.

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that varies from securing a place where they can hang out with other kids and adults to offering educational activities and workshops. ontario early years centre is tailored to both children and adults. if you want to find a suitable facility to turn to in your area, consider searching for an “early years centre near me.” the good news is that these institutions throughout ontario. toronto is a big city, and you can find dozens of early years centres here.