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distance learning and virtual classrooms make that process a bit more challenging. introduce young students to the wide array of colors in the world around them. have them scribble a colored square from a selection of crayons or markers. grid drawing is one of those distance learning art projects that can be differentiated for various ages and skill levels. older kids can apply the grid method to more complicated images of their choice. have them outline the letters of their name, then shade and color to make graffiti-like creations. for the black layer, they paint over the color with black acrylic paint and allow it to dry. to create their masterpieces, kids use a sharp object like a toothpick to scratch out patterns and pictures to see the colors underneath.

the tree trunk is made of a piece of black construction paper, but if students don’t have any on hand, they can simply color it black instead. all students need is a pencil and paper for this art lesson. whimsy is the rule of the day when kids add doodles to objects from around the house. students draw a picture or write a message in crayon, then paint over it with watercolors to reveal the secret. instead of cutting randomly, challenge kids to plan their snowflake designs and sketch them first. grab a sheet of aluminum foil from the kitchen and learn how to plan and sculpt figures like giacometti’s. once they’ve made their tracing, they can add details to complete the picture. she has a degree in secondary english education and has taught in middle and high school classrooms.

it could be a gremlin in the phone, an appliance, your laptop…. create a detailed sketch of the character, where exactly he/she/it hides, and what he/she/it does to wreak havoc on your life. your assignment is to use the robots in the video for inspiration only. draw your robot to fit the size of paper you have. what is the role of the artist in marketing? right outside your window you can see trees that are beginning the growth of new leaves and grass that is changing to a wonderful green color. pop art is a style of art that began in the 1950’s using everyday objects, simple forms, and bright colors. vary the width of your lines.

does it remind you of a particular time or event in your life? describe some of the things you would want your tree house to have. why do you think the artist designed beekle this way, and in contrast to the other imaginary friends in the story? for more information on chihuly’s use of weaving in his work, click below:  now think about what you might find around the house that could be woven together to make a sculpture. could this be the beginning of a graphic novel or a video game? more-igami by dori kleber is the story of a boy who learns to make origami sculptures from paper. as a community, many local artists have contributed to the landscape of our beautiful downtown. next time that you go downtown, play a game of “i spy” with your family to see how many sculptures and murals that you can find.

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