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it gives students the opportunity to contemplate what they are learning and what they have learned in the past. a great way to engage students is to ask them what they already know. these are hints that can give you a lot of perspective into what students still need to learn or how they’re thinking about the topic. midway through the lesson or discussion, pause the class and allow students 1-2 minutes to independently reflect on how they are thinking about what they’ve learned.

use prompts like: give students time to make notes on their participation at the end of a live roundtable discussion. get students to jot down a few sentences to summarize their thoughts on a topic, on the day/week, or whatever it is you want them to reflect on. challenge your students to reflect on their learning and participation by looking at what they have done in the past or what their classmates have done. your students are now on their way to having a better understanding of the learned concepts and their own thinking. if you have any questions make sure to reach out to us on our website, click the smiley face in the bottom right-hand corner.

home » blog » free training games & activities » ice breakers » 7 free reflection activities and revision exercises for freelance trainers & teachers when providing training, reflection activities are a great idea in order to give participants a chance to revise the ideas and concepts that have been covered in the class. for revisions and reflection, this is a good activity to either get the participants to revise concepts covered during the training or to reflect and find solutions on a topic. each group receives a set of cards, which have information on them such as sentences, questions, pictures, scenarios. alternatively, they can match each card (which contains a question, for example) with a corresponding card from a different set (which contains the answers). 2. give each group of participants a set of cards, 20 for instance, with words, pictures, or statements. 15 to 20 minutes is the perfect time-frame for this reflection exercise, but you can easily adapt it to be shorter or longer, depending on available time. the topic of this game is ‘success’, so participants will share their ideas on what makes something or someone successful. you can write down the elements of success on a flip chart yourself or ask each group to write on their own sheet of a1 paper and present it.

this is a good exercise for a training session on focus and life planning, happiness, or mindfulness. 2. you can ask participants to share this exercise with a small group and discuss it, or it can be used as an individual reflection. this is a revision, reflection, and discovery activity. it’s an interesting alternative to asking questions to participants with the trainer writing the answers on a flip-chart. 5. give every group the chance to share their results by asking them to present their shield to the rest of the class. allow 1 to 2 minutes for each presentation. this activity is done individually and the results can then be shared with the rest of the class. it can be quite a versatile tool.

class reflection activities to close out a tough year memory rocks and time capsules portfolios and passages letters to the future. in a triple-entry journal, students journal on their learning on one third of a page, a peer responds in the second area, and the student then analyzes their this reflection activity is useful in inter-disciplinary courses and provides students flexibility within their disciplinary interests and expertise to pursue, reflection activity example, reflection activity example, reflection activity worksheet, reflection on learning activity sheets, what is your reflection about the activity.

reflection activities for prior knowledge. (used prior to engaging students in subject or topic). 3-2-1: have students list three things you already know exit tickets are a great way to kick-start reflective thinking. get students to jot down a few sentences to summarize their thoughts on a topic, 1. supply each participant with pen and paper. 2. ask a relevant question and ask participants to write their answer on a piece of paper. 3., reflect and sketch activity. 10 unique and creative reflection techniques & lessons for thegrowth mindset and goal setting. asking students to reflect on a deeper level. model your own reflection. reflect ‘n’ sketch. reflection vlog. analyze your work from the teacher’s perspective. scrapbook. the cube of reflection.

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