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for example, if you have a child who thrives with fine motor tray activities i would find a way to work in another area of learning they can work on using their strengths and interests. if you are looking for even more resources and a place to chat about being a preschool teacher with other teachers check out my new facebook group no time for flash cards – teacher talk. if you are playing with students if the opportunity is right for you to take the lead you can label the letters as they put them into the mailbox, ask if they have a favorite letter, or ask if they want to hand them out to friends “which letter should we give to tommy? once children are spelling with the beads you will need a few packs to ensure that you have enough letters for whatever they want to spell. the child can choose to use the blocks based on their interests and abilities.

using letter stamps gives children who aren’t able to write yet a way to make letters they can recognize. you don’t don’t have to write out letters like i did in the photo above, i usually just pop up some paper and let the children go for it! have them all up and ask students to go search for a specific color. and if they do i spell a new one. i have taught for 28 years in elementary classrooms but i can recognize high quality work, thinking, and understanding of young children. write out letters on larger building blocks – no time for flash cards suggests duplo – and then ask your class to create an alphabet tower out of every single letter.

in this article, i’ll list language and literacy activities to do with your preschoolers. they all are fun for children and easy to organise for teachers. as you and the children take turns pulling toys out of the box, encourage them to create a story from what they find. children pass the crocodile around the circle singing “crocodile, crocodile down by lake, i’m going to reach right in and see what (letter) you ate”. the child holding the crocodile then pulls a letter and calls it out. and storytelling is a fantastic activity for children to learn how to construct their message, to learn new vocabulary, to sharpen memory and to improve listening skills. each player should choose a board and find the tiles that match his or her board. if the picture matches the player’s board, the player keeps the tile and puts it on his board. the game is continued in this way until one player has found all six of his or her tiles and wins the game.

paper, tape and ping-pong balls are all you need for this game of ‘snowball’ throwing. tape a bunch of letters to a wall, call out the sounds and have the children throw the snowball at the letter represented. you might create caves and homes with blankets and cushions  – you may even like to close the blinds and use a torch to create a spooky atmosphere. next, have the child say or write three to five words that tell about the word. children spray a large pile of shaving cream on the area. do this activity to practise letters, writing words, writing cursive, numbers, and doing addition. invite children to pair up and sit back to back so they can each see a different part of the grounds.have children spend 2-5 minutes carefully drawing what they see, in silence. before you can login, you must active your account with the code sent to your email address. if you entered an incorrect email address, you will need to re-register with the correct email address.

like singing and talking, listening to books is one of the easiest early literacy activities you can do. grab your kids’ favorite books and get to reading! and language and literacy activities for preschoolers. reading time: 4 minutes 2. crocodile circle. picture a bin with a crocodile face on top, filled with letters literacy activities ; create play dough letters and shapes for a tactile experience. ; heart shaped letters of the alphabet cards are fun to make, .

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