preschool english lessons

they are especially appealing to young students, and your class will love if you start the day with a puppet on your hand. give your hello of the day a theme, and have your students say hello in that same theme. the key is explaining the word to your students in a way that they can understand. you can start your days with a tpr lesson that gets students moving and introduces or reviews english vocabulary with them.

give students a chance to talk or ask questions and then give them your answers. in fact, it’s great for activating schemata and getting your students to a place where they are ready to learn. books are prevalent in the preschool classroom, and if your kids are able to sit and focus first thing in the day, try reading a book. young children thrive on it, so find a method of starting class that works for you and stick with it.

when they have got used to doing an entrance drill, the student who was just let into the classroom can take the teacher role and ask questions, set a challenge etc, but note that this will probably extend the activity further and so might not be a good use of class time with a large class. i tend to get kids of 4 and above shaking hands (three year olds love shaking hands with the teacher but don’t work so well together), sometimes adding fun by getting them to shake hands very vigorously, shake hands with as many people as quickly as possible and/ or shake hands with the right hand as normal and then with the left hand crossed over it and then spin each other round. 5. stand up sit down one way that you can make a transition into an action song or move from a dull standing up opening into more of a warmer is to ask students to sit down and then instantly ask them to stand up again.

you can then introduce what you want to be your standard starting language game, song and/ language in the middle of those first few lessons and then move to them to the start from the third or fourth class. 12. storybook that starts with hello/pleased to meet you/personal questions a storybook is something else i use in absolutely every kindergarten english lesson, and this can be tied in with personal questions and making use of their concentration powers near the beginning of the class. as you ask a question or say hello to one of the children, pass them an object such as a cuddly toy, a puppet or a piece of plastic fruit.

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1) nice to meet you. 2) numbers: how many apples? 3) age: how old are you? 4) actions: can you run fast? 5) clothes: what are you wearing? 6) toys: where is my esl kids resources for english teachers. printable lesson plans, flashcards, worksheets, songs, classroom graded readers, games, crafts and more. as early childhood teachers, almost everything we do in the classroom daily is conducive to learning the english language., nursery 1 english topics, nursery 2 english worksheets.

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