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are you struggling with what to do for the upcoming school year? the fact is, you’re probably teaching your kiddo the things he or she would learn in preschool already, especially if you have a gifted child dragging you from museum, to science experiment, and over to your tinkering space for a little engineering. there are lots of ways to integrate those three things into your day. it’s our job to spark that lifetime love of learning and get them excited about it during the preschool years. if your child is struggling with heart issues, sending him to preschool may make those worse. if the baby is crying, send him in the room a minute or two before you go in, and have him play peek a boo to try to calm her down for you. teaching your preschooler that there is a time and a place for everything can be tiring.

have a set time to get up and start the day. if breakfast just finished, and you always read together on the couch after you clean up the dishes, your child will come to look forward to that time together. play is their job and education at this age. you may wonder, though, what academic skills your preschooler should know by the time she is ready to head into kindergarten. enjoy your kiddo, and learn, play, and discover together — you won’t regret this time spent. for those of you who may have been in this place before, how did you integrate your child’s preschool learning into your already busy day? grab a cup of coffee, some of that chocolate you’re hiding from the kids, and join me as i learn, experiment, and explore with my kiddos — and hopefully inspire you a little in your journey alongside smart, quirky, creative kids, too!

inside: learn how to structure the day for toddlers and preschoolers while doing preschool at home. a good daily routine is your road-map for the day. the purpose of doing homeschool preschool is so you can be flexible with your schedule, right? however, if you’re looking for a formal structure, you may find it helpful to work off of themes appropriate for your child’s age. as always, if you ever have questions about how to structure the day for preschool at home, or any general daily routine questions – you can dm me on instagram or leave a note in the comments below!

if your toddler or preschooler struggles with early wake-ups, this resource will teach you step-by-step how to keep them in their room until 7am. if you’re able to set up your preschooler at the kitchen table or a little kid’s table, you can get lunch ready while they play. this gives them a chance to relax and also get clean before dinner. so put those kids down for a nap, grab some coffee, and stay awhile! these bins are life-changing.who’s on the … [read more…] inside: this 1 year old feeding schedule will make feeding your baby so much simpler. so put those kids down for a nap, grab some coffee, and stay awhile!

i want to start by saying that every child is different, so there is no best way to plan for preschool at home. this is simply the way that works best for teaching preschool at home was a truly unforgettable experience. these are activities day-by-day that made up our preschool at home curriculum. relax. teaching preschool at home can be easy, rewarding, and one of the greatest things you can do for your child., .

learn how to structure the day for toddlers and preschoolers for preschool at home. this daily routine provides resources for stay-at-home how to homeschool preschool! learn from moms who have taught preschool at home. preschool activities for learning through a play curriculum. one of the most asked questions is about creating a homeschool schedule. i’ve done home preschool with my three boys, so i hope my tips on setting up a home, .

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