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i am truly blessed to teach in a school where my kindergarteners play every day in the classroom and it is encouraged and supported. or a collection of bins on a shelf, having play materials available is the first step to adding more play into your routine. plus, as a participant in the play, you have the ability to scaffold the students’ learning and to stretch them and challenge them and help them to grow! if parents (or administration) are giving you a hard time about play in the classroom, try to show them all the learning that is happening. i explain exactly what the students are learning and how i am assessing their learning through play.

i highly agree with you that this is the best way to teach learners especially to the young ones though it also works to high levels if planned well. we appreciate your feedback and are so happy to hear that you also believe in the importance of play. but what you can do is send your colleagues the link to the post so they can read it. i am actually working on a paper about play-based learning, and this has given me a lot of insight on where to go! hi stacey, we are happy to hear that you’ve found a way to keep play and exploration in your classroom schedule. i think we all need to remember that in spite of the ccss, these are still young children, and young children learn so much through play!

you need a large carpet space to comfortably fit a whole class seated in a circle. the dramatic play space is another area requiring quite a bit of room. the props in the dramatic play area tend to take up a lot of space so i position it in a large corner of the classroom. this is a quiet space so i like to position it away from the louder spaces like dramatic play. this bookcase is the same length as the bed so i position it in line with the bed and place a rug on the floor to help define the space. the large storage box can be placed next to a small table where the children can work on their creations.

recently i have been using the collage trolley in another part of the classroom as a sensory play space. i have a small table in the maths area but it’s not absolutely necessary. it is generally placed off to the side of the classroom and is only a small table for 1 or 2 children. i have a light table permanently set up in the classroom. it is set up at another small table in a quiet area of the room. choose the pack to suit your classroom décor.

classroom saves time and paper, and makes it easy to create classes, distribute assignments, communicate, and stay organized. google classroom is your central place where teaching and learning come together. this easy-to-use and secure tool helps educators manage, measure, play-based learning helps engage elementary students in their education and has cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits., .

in my play based classroom there are 10 essential learning areas. the placement of these 10 areas within the classroom is thoughtfully when you notice weak spots in your curriculum, strengthen students’ weak spots by playing educational classroom games. enrichment: not every student learns the *(by “game,” i am referring to learning through play, active engagement and fun). students learn through the process of playing the game. by playing a game,, .

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