pestel diagram template

pestel diagram template is a pestel diagram sample that gives infomration on pestel diagram design and format. when designing pestel diagram example, it is important to consider pestel diagram template style, design, color and theme. a pestel analysis framework makes it easy to analyze and monitor the external marketing environmental factors that could impact your organization. a pestel analysis, most commonly referred to as a pestle analysis, is a way for businesses to understand external factors that could affect the business. while it’s likely your organization has a vision statement and a clear understanding of where it would like to be in the future, it’s less likely that your business has analyzed current external factors that may influence getting to where it would like to be. if you’re contemplating a reorganization, product offering expansion, marketing strategy overhaul, or any other significant change in the business, it’s wise to undergo a pestel analysis.

pestel diagram format

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the lucidspark pestel template is pre-built with six containers in which all six categories of external factors are listed. each brainstorm contribution should be entered as a sticky note into the same container. when brainstorming economic factors, think of inflation rates, exchange rates, interest rates, and consumers’ disposable income, to name a few. with the sticky notes tagged, use lucidspark’s sort feature to automatically sort sticky notes by order of importance and easily visualize each factor’s impact to the business.