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pestel analysis template is a pestel analysis sample that gives infomration on pestel analysis design and format. when designing pestel analysis example, it is important to consider pestel analysis template style, design, color and theme. in this blog, we will look at what a pestel analysis is used for as well as the advantages and disadvantages of using it in a business setting. the framework is also used to identify potential threats and weaknesses which are used in a swot analysis when identifying any strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to a business. an economic factor has a direct impact on the economy and its performance, which in turn directly impacts on the organisation and its profitability. technological factors consider the rate of technological innovation and development that could affect a market or industry. with the rise in importance of csr (corporate social  responsibility) and sustainability, this element is becoming more central to how organisations need to conduct their business.

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they also must be aware of any change in legislation and the impact this may have on business operations. next, you will want to consult and seek the opinions of experts from outside your business. then you will want to evaluate and score each of the items for ‘likelihood’; how likely it is to happen and ‘impact’; how big an impact it could have on your business. keeping this analysis updated is crucial because the environment organisations operate in  is dynamic and constantly changing external factors can change rapidly and can impact your analysis and therefore, the outcome you expect. the outcomes can then be used to populate the opportunities and threats in a swot analysis.

a pestel analysis (or pestle analysis), is a way for businesses to understand the external factors that could affect the business. the purpose of a pestel analysis is to help business leaders understand what factors may impact the business and what opportunities and risks those influences might create—helping leaders make better decisions and plan effectively for the future. these factors are generally considered outside of an organization’s control (compared to internal influences that a business can change). political factors assess how legal and governmental policies, as well as the overall political climate, can impact your business operations and profitability. social factors assess the socio-cultural influences of consumers and your target demographics.

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legal factors can be closely tied to political factors and include any proposed legislation that could impact the business directly or indirectly. a swot analysis also looks at potential opportunities and threats to the business—which can be impacted by both internal and external factors. the pestel analysis will give you the big-picture context you need to understand the environment in which your business exists and how those factors can impact it. by bringing both tools together, business leaders can get a comprehensive view of their business for better decision making and a competitive edge. since its founding, lucid has received numerous awards for its products, business, and workplace culture.

pestel business analysis is a great way to help you structure such a situational analysis. here are some examples of the pestel model showing the sort of factors that would typically fall under each pestel category: obviously, you can customise a list like this as you see fit for your business and operating environment. the first step to running a successful pestel analysis is identifying the external factors that affect your project, and listing each one under the appropriate pestel heading. moving forward, you can use the lists that have been created to inform different aspects of your strategy and activities.

if you have never run a pestel  before it can be great to get some examples of an analysis that has been created for other companies. if you’re running a pestel for a digital marketing company, or for a digital marketing team within a company, that would mean keeping up with: if you prefer not to focus on digital marketing, substitute the above suggestions for roughly equivalent news and reports which relate to your company, or to business more broadly. adding data-derived insights is a great way to add clout to your pestel analyses – and for this we recommend the following sources: accenture reports are an excellent source of technology insights, made with business strategy in mind. on this episode of the digital marketing podcast, we are joined by the talented team behind the target internet rebrand and leading-london agency wildish & co. this free course explains what conversion events are and how to set them up.