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performance gap analysis template is a performance gap analysis sample that gives infomration on performance gap analysis design and format. when designing performance gap analysis example, it is important to consider performance gap analysis template style, design, color and theme. another aspect is the overall performance of your company. performance gap analysis is one means to determine where gaps exist in your company or with your overall staff, as well as with individual staffers. performance gap analysis determines what aspects are lacking in the performance of an employee in a particular position or of a company in comparison with its competitors. an alternate type of performance gap analysis determines what additional skills and training may be needed to bring individual employees or an entire company up to an acceptable standard when specific aspects of jobs change. one of the first tasks in performance gap analysis is creating a performance map describing the behaviors of high-performing individuals in a particular job role, suggests the academy to innovate hr. a comparison of the performance map with the performance of your employees can disclose the source of gaps in the performance of average employees or sub-par employees in comparison with high-performing workers.

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a different performance map would apply to each job role within your company. in this instance, the performance of your company is compared with a set of industry-established benchmarks, or with the stated mission of your company. a specific set of benchmarks would apply to each division or department within your company. you may also decide to replace one or more members of your staff, or to reorganize your company’s management structure. a follow-up performance gap analysis performed after changes have been implemented can determine whether the deficiencies and shortcomings evident in the first evaluation have been remedied. his work has appeared both online and in print publications.