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the fresh air and change of scenery can be just what children need to get excited about playing with and practicing math concepts. this active outdoor game is especially fun because water play is involved. practice math facts over and over again with this fire hose math practice game. making it larger than life with a big sidewalk chalk clock can make it easier for kids to catch on to. head to the driveway or basketball court to practice hoops and math facts at the same time with the shooting hoops multiplication game. there are so many math concepts you can practice with the number line run game. preschoolers can practice counting and number order while bigger kids can use it for math facts. practice number identification on a life size board game where the kids are the game pieces. i love kinesthetic math games–some kids just need to move and learn!

going outside for hula hoop math fact practice is such fun. this egg counting game is a great way for preschoolers and kindergartners to practice number identification, counting and one-to-one correspondence. challenge big kids to a game of hopscotch, multiplication hopscotch that is. get some fresh air while skip counting and hopping! water balloons and sidewalk chalk are all you need for number splash math game to practice numbers, math facts and more. these math games are simple to set up (and don’t require a lot of materials) which in our house means they’ll get played with more often. she believes that kids’ activities don’t have to be complicated to be fun and that learning is better with play. great idea i love the idea to make learning more fun for kids. join over 10,000 parents who use our newsletter to connect with their kids through fun activities even when they’re short on time.

kids love to get outdoors and move. place number cards on the ground (or draw numbers on the pavement using chalk). ask students to answer a maths question or identify a number called out. ask students to answer an algorithm/question, the answer is the number of times they must complete the circuit. this game is a good one for focussing on subtraction or division questions because the answers tend to be smaller. draw numbers on the ground or a wall in chalk (these numbers will be the answers to the questions). depending on the age of the child, this game can be adapted: grades 5-6 – times tables, subtraction from 100, identifying numbers with 6 or more digits, adding or subtracting fractions you will need a basketball ring or soccer goal for this one.

randomly write all the answers on the pavement around the ring or goal. ask students a times table, they find the answer and stand on the number, then either kick a goal or shoot a hoop from that position. at the end of the game, ask them to multiply their score by the number they have been using to find their final total. for example, 0 to 100 or 40 to 60. for addition, students can stand on the larger number and jump forwards to find their answer (for example, 7 + 9, stand on 9 and jump 7 numbers forward to land on the answer). for subtraction, students stand on the first number and jump backward to find their answer). outdoor games are ideal to use as brain breaks throughout the day, as rewards for hard work or just some good old fashioned fun! they pay their respects to the past, present and emerging elders of this nation, and supports the cultural, spiritual and educational practices of first nations peoples.

1. toss beanbags to learn place value 2. create a life-size number line 3. draw a colorful math facts garden 4. hit the target and graph 5. 5 outdoor maths games that kids will love 1. number bounce and shoot 2. algorithm or age circuit: 3. number throw 4. times table basketball/ – use these outdoor math games to take the learning outside and get kids motivated about learning!, hands on maths activities, hands on maths activities, outdoor multiplication games, fun math activities, fun math activities for high school pdf.

parachute games number dive. have some numbers underneath the parachute. shape dive! this is the same as number dive but with shapes singing counting songs. a small and simple enterprise is to hold a school outdoor maths games competition where children pay a small entry fee to play. this can be a wee fund raiser the ping pong throwing game is a fun outdoor math activity that can help your child learn counting and number recognition. to play this math, fun math activities for high school, math activities for kids, outdoor subtraction activities, math games for kids.

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