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in fact, there are lots of ways to encourage a love of reading and writing by spending time outside. here are ten literacy activities i’ve enjoyed with my own two sons – one of whom is 8 (and an avid reader) and the other who is 5 (and not quite a full-fledged reader yet). bring along a blanket to sit on, find a tree to lean up against or cuddle up in an outdoor fort. you can create a set of alphabet rocks by painting letters on each rock with acrylic paint. choose a variety of colors or make a set of capital letters in one color, lowercase letters in another. create nature-themed images such as animals, flowers, insects and the elements. 4. create your own nature abc book go on a nature hunt with your little one – around your neighborhood, backyard, park, garden, local zoo or aquarium. print out the photos and place them in a dedicated album to form your very own abc book. 5. use nature for letter making kids just learning their letters will have fun shaping letters using items found in nature such as rocks, sticks or flower petals.

6. go on a scavenger hunt if your child isn’t yet reading, create cards with pictures of items to find and the corresponding words underneath (you can do the same with numbers of items and shapes as well). 7. keep a nature journal while a traditional nature journal usually focuses on discoveries and sketches, ours include any kind of writing the kids want to include about their outdoor adventures. the 5 year old wrote one sentence and a picture with each entry. 8. discover field guides my 5 year old is a self-proclaimed animal rescuer and as such is now consumed with learning about all things animal. choose guides with quality photos and simple facts. 9. make a backyard field guide once young children are familiar with field guide basics, try making your own. keep it general or focus on your child’s specific interests, such as a bird book, animal book or flower guide. take advantage of your local library to vary up your titles, or stick with a few old favorites. she writes about connecting kids and families with nature in the backyard and beyond.

15 minutes outside- 365 ways to get out of the house and connect with your kidsby rebecca p. cohen is a goldmine of simple ideas to promote outdoor togetherness with children during every season of the year. in january, she encourages you to keep a nature journal or do some star-gazing with a guide-book such as the kids book of the night sky by ann love and jane drake. she framed each letter and then attached a magnet to the back of each frame. children can pretend to swish through the grass, splash through the water, squish squash through mud, and tiptoe through a cave all while searching for a bear or lion. when i was a 2nd-grade teacher, my kids loved to take their independent reading books outside, sit on the playground equipment and read. on the next pleasant day, why not find a cozy spot outside and unwind with a good book.

i also bring out a radio, and we listen to audio books and the wee sing music cds. oddly enough, even though i get absolutely nothing done during the day, i feel like i’ve accomplished more, and i feel more fulfilled. i loved this book and decided to begin our journey at the start of april. what great suggestions for playing outside with your kids and bringing literacy into the play!! i will have to check and see if our library has it. in february, i showcased 15 minutes outside and a variety of outdoor literacy activities.

– explore pam woodward’s board “outdoor literacy and numeracy”, see more ideas about literacy and numeracy, outdoor learning, activities. 10 outdoor literacy activities: literacy and the great outdoors. there’s no reason learning the abcs needs to be limited to an indoor space. here are 10 ways to there are lots of ways to encourage a love of reading and writing from an early age by taking part in literacy activities outside. we have, .

outdoor literacy games splat sight word painting. this is perfect for a summer day! plus, games that include art are always on my radar. sight word knock down, .

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