morning meeting activities

you might need to model a few times for them to get the hang of it! when you first introduce this to students, limit the number of “beats” that students can include in their rhythms. if a student misspells a word, they are out and the next person in the order needs to say the correct letter. reset and move on to the next question. each student is going to pack an item in the suitcase and all the items that were listed before them.

there are a few variations to the game: this game is so fast and students love it. students will quickly learn the strategy behind the game and start to team up with classmates. it is so easy to play and students love it. they will say a command to the class and the class will do the command. depending on your rule, you will have to tell students whether or not they get to go on the picnic with you. drop it in the comments for other educators to add to their list!

one of my favorite quotes of all time is “if you want students to move mountains you must first let them get out of their chairs”. perhaps it’s one of the reasons i love morning meeting oh so much-becausd of its abiito to do justhat. today i’m bringing you 10 morning meeting activities ideas that you can cycle through in your own classroom meetings. this is an outside-the-box morning meeting activity idea. this concept can work with more than numbers, but i love this one because the concept is universal. kids love asking questions just as much as they love to talk. kids asking other kids questions.

make sure you definitely have a notebook in your morning meeting toolbox, because you will have some gems to share. this is a personal favorite of mine, and i think it’s because of its versatility. strengthen student storytelling with this gem of a morning meeting activity. like i started this out, movement is #goals in the classroom. i know your options are limited but you can be sure to get some wiggles out in a safe way. students love hearing what others eat for breakfast, do after school, and read before bed. similar to categories, this is a great overlap of academics and team-building.

this is one of my personal favorite morning meeting activities. it is so easy to play and students love it. simply ask your students a would you rather question today i’m bringing you 10 morning meeting activities ideas that you can cycle through in your own classroom meetings. you can download this free printable group juggling – one of the best morning meeting games for improving teamwork inspector bullfrog perimeter pass knick knack – a fun morning meeting game the, .

a responsive classroom morning meeting consists of four parts: 1. greeting 2. group activity 3. sharing 4. morning message., . morning meeting activities: 9 ideas to try todaysomething’s not quite right. one student will volunteer as the leader to make something u201cnot quite rightu201d in the class. vocabulary pictionary. guess the voice. this or that. conductor. improv. quick groupings. who’s missing? here are some of my favorite activities and resources to use in morning meetings:discussion alouds. goal setting. character interactive resource. conference explanations. introduce classroom management game and/or vote. growth mindset flipbooks. class jobs.

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