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marketing gap analysis template is a marketing gap analysis sample that gives infomration on marketing gap analysis design and format. when designing marketing gap analysis example, it is important to consider marketing gap analysis template style, design, color and theme. a market gap analysis is a method that evaluates the success of a company (or a department) in terms of meeting the business objectives set and, if not, what measures should be taken to turn that situation around. in this context, “gap” indicates the distance between the current situation of the business and the future situation to which it aspires in terms of performance. performance gaps, the differences between what is obtained and what is desired, can be measured for an organization globally or for each of its areas. for this, it is necessary to take as a basis the objectives of improvement of the company, its commercial goals and its mission. this data can be collected from different sources depending on the object or gap to be analyzed. after a company compares its short- or medium-term goals with its current state, it is processed to the elaboration of a comprehensive plan to fill the gap between the current situation and the desired one.

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this analysis can be quantitative, for example, if the number of downloads of an application or a free resource is checked. like the current state, this section can be written in concrete and quantifiable terms, such as the goal of increasing the number of downloads for a given period of time. this section will determine whether it is true that there is a gap between the present situation and the desired future of the organization. it is the last section of the market gap report and it also closes it. as the business trend is conservative, the wording must be done in active terms and in a persuasive manner. if you are considering conducting a market gap analysis in your business and you are not sure where to start, contact us. any such offer or request is fraudulent and should be reported.