learning should be fun

did you spring out of bed monday mornings, excited for all the adventures that awaited in your classrooms and beyond? all subjects that we study in school are full of wonder as they were derived from a wonderful god, and we see it as our goal to teach these “fun” truths to our students to the end that they will appreciate the natural joy to be had in all of learning. if your child is in school, then i encourage you to look at these principles and discern whether their classroom environment fosters the type of fun that in turn fosters the best learning. “being part of a community – rooted in a place and with certain people – is very god-honoring.

especially as a teacher, i enjoy being in the classroom when students seem like they’re having fun and are interested in learning. these rules are the very things that allow for creativity in mathematics to happen. following the traditions established in festivals and holidays creates a connection to centuries of great christian teaching and living. he draws students into the geometric complexities of polyhedra, so much so that several take a week (or more) out of their summers to attend a camp with him where they design and build their own, proudly on display in mr. siegenthaler’s classroom. – the job’s a game!” just as shaelyn baas incorporates sweets and games in her math and physics classes, taking a breather from the heaviness of a task to add some amusement is just the “spoonful of sugar” needed to help “the medicine go down.” even if you’re not teaching a classroom of teenagers physics and logic, you can incorporate these principles with your little ones by adding fun learning opportunities in your day.

as an educator, i try my best to present the required curriculum to my students in an interesting and relatable way. for instance, when spider-man holds mary jane and swings from the left of the screen to the right of the screen, which direction should her hair fly? every friday, we used to hold class discussions on superpowers and how realistic it would be for them to exist in real life. one day, the guards told me that even the quiet students in my room discussed my class when they went back to the dorms. most students enjoy hearing stories to which they can relate, and tend to remember the lessons associated with an experience.

i find students to be most receptive when i can make analogies that they can relate to, and this applies to all subjects. for students who struggle with the english language, getting through a class in an unfamiliar language can be daunting. this is why it is very important for us to make the process of learning as fun and easy to absorb as possible. joy lin attended the university of texas in austin at 15 and graduated with 3 degrees by the age of 21. she has been teaching in austin independent school district ever since. having started in february 2015 as a stand-up comedian, joy has performed at the 2015 sacramento comedy festival, the 2016 nyc crosstown comedy festival, and qualified as a quarterfinalist in the 2016 funniest in south texas contest. edcircuit empowers the voices of education, with hundreds of  trusted contributors, change-makers and industry-leading innovators

when teachers use activities that make learning engaging and fun, students are more willing to participate and take risks. having fun while learning also helps joyful learning is possible, and beneficial to help our children absorb all they are being taught. incorporating fun – whether in the importance of having fun while learning 1. skyrockets productivity 2. less empty seats 3. raised resilience 4. increases creativity 5., learning should be fun quotes, learning should be fun quotes, learning should be fun theory, learning is fun meaning, learning can be fun summary.

making learning fun is a sure way we get our kids at kjds to remember information. fun means engagement, doing and learning what has meaning and purpose, and it nothing motivates learners as much as fun does because it comes from genuine interest from within instead of pressure from others. students are 10 tips for making learning fun and engaging for children along with that, you and your students could enjoy these additional benefits of having class, what makes learning fun speech, importance of having fun while learning pdf.

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