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what’s inside this article: a look at the common characteristics of kinesthetic learners, study tools, and educational activities that parents and teachers can use to support these hands-on learners. are you unsure of how to support their learning and help them reach their full potential? this is because they tend to be more energetic than other learners and are most engaged when they’re physically active. kinesthetic learning is also the most common learning style for people with adhd. here are some other key characteristics that separate these individuals from different types of learners: the more teachers and parents understand about their child(ren)’s learning style, the easier it is to support them in the classroom and at home. for example, they can draw two cards from a deck and then multiply, add, or subtract the numbers before they’re allowed to draw again.

with these activities, though, they can sharpen their skills and improve their performance: next, have kids kick a soccer ball through the cones, stopping at each one to read the word before moving on to the next. because it’s more physical, typing on a keyboard can sometimes be easier for kinesthetic learners than writing words out by hand. the game includes a large floor mat with the alphabet and eight different active literacy games for kids. to learn more about interoception (the way people sense what’s going on inside their bodies), kinesthetic learners can make a body check chart by tracing the outline of their body on a big piece of paper. for example, you can ask them to “draw their feelings” and illustrate what happens in their body for different emotions. however, when they’re properly supported and given the right kinds of learning activities, these children can have positive experiences and go on to do great things inside and outside of school.

you can also use them to spell out words using the stix and plastic or foam letters. it is wonderful for some students with sensory issues and this site even teaches you how to scent the sand/salt! a simple reading activity is using a slinky to have students stretch their words. a creative learning activity to get students moving is “swatting flies”. a fun way for students to practice words on their spelling list is through a scavenger hunt! it is a fun yet easy way for students to practice their sight words.

this activity is good for middle school students to get up and walk around class. if you are teaching rhyming, this is a wonderful activity to get students out of their seats! students will answer a prompt from the wall and also have an opportunity to comment or piggyback off of their peer’s answers. this is another game that is easily adaptable to a range of topics and subjects. rather than sitting in a circle, students can stand and kick the ball to one another. students have to read and then try to build or draw an explanation of what is happening in the story.

kinesthetic learning stations ; using gestures to represent key vocabulary words; making puppets and presenting puppet shows; designing graphics and creating here are 8 activities perfect for kinesthetic learners: salt tray: a great sensory exercise that helps with handwriting and letter formation. kinesthetic activities (also known as hands-on activities) are fantastic for teaching reading and spelling. the term kinesthetic refers to touching, doing,, .

kinesthetic learning styles based activities: ; frequent activity breaks / brain gym letter tiles, walk while listening to audio books ; hands-on experiments kinesthetic activities for adults: putting in lessons promptly 1. cook it up 2. simulacrum 3. group debates 4. field errand 5., . 8 classroom activities that are great for kinesthetic learnerscharades. one great example of a game for kinesthetic learners is charades, a classic game best suited to action verbs and sports. role and action playing. telephone. hangman. song puzzle. storytelling memory game.

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