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nearpod’s interactive activities in the classroom have the power to add interest and excitement into everyday learning. increased engagement can lead to increased learning gains and greater student retention of learning material. here are 6 quick ways to use interactive activities in the classroom. create an interactive classroom with a click of the mouse! with this activity, you can assess understanding with a gamified multiple-choice quiz where students can race the to the top of a mountain with their favorite characters. our pre-made drag & drop activities teach concepts in a fun and engaging way. drag & drop activities provide students with gamified learning opportunities and increased engagement and retention.

our draw it activities have the capability to provide interactive tools for students to represent problem situations and a working space in which teachers can see in real time the progression of student thinking as they write, draw, and record their thinking processes. draw it activities are the perfect fit for when teachers want to see work in progress. through our collaborate board feature, students can share ideas to a larger audience as they begin their discovery on selected topics. representations and strategies to highlight can be identified and submissions to discuss as a class to summarize key understanding or develop a deeper understanding of core skills can be easily selected by teachers leading the discussion. students are given instant feedback to allow for opportunities to self-assess and guide students in refining and revising their thinking. through our quick launch feature, teachers can add activities to drive adaptive teaching and differentiated, personalized instructional decision making that accelerates learning for all. use nearpod’s collection of interactives to truly create an interactive classroom, where student learning comes first!

in these moments, it’s normal to think about the strategies and tools to use to conduct engaging online classes. i’m describing creating an engaging environment where: it’s tempting to jump right in and plan all sorts of interactive learning activities for students. by adding live discussion hours for students to exchange their opinions with their peers and an educator, the class engagement will increase and motivate students to memorize the information given in the prerecorded lecture. ceceilia also provides some useful strategies for students to make the most of their learning experience.

they add depth to the conversation and help to keep focus.” a tool like harmonize is designed perfectly for use alongside interactive learning activities. in the article “getting started with teaching online…again,” mary burns comes up with a handful of recommendations on interactive learning activities using zoom and adobe connect. voicethread is a presentation and discussion tool that helps to “continue the conversation” with students. here are the ones i use the most,” she shares: susan also offers a few great ideas for cooperative learning with the use of digital collaboration tools for students.

games are so much fun for students since it doesn’t feel like learning. with bookwidgets, you can make interactive learning games like crossword 6 quick ways to use interactive activities in the classroom ; 1. activity banks explore time to climb lessons ; 4. collaborate board explore some interactive learning activities are more effective when conducted synchronously. those include interacting with other peers, collaborating, .

classroom strategies graphical organisers: like drawing a mind map to describe how ideas relate to each other, or a venn diagram to describe similarities and, .

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