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industry analysis template is a industry analysis sample that gives infomration on industry analysis design and format. when designing industry analysis example, it is important to consider industry analysis template style, design, color and theme. for example, pharmaceutical companies such as cipla, dr. reddy’s and glenmark is a part of the indian pharmaceutical industry as a whole. a good equity research analyst is the one who analyses the industry thoroughly before studying a particular stock. the first step in beginning the analysis is identifying the correct industry and at the same time, distinguishing between industry and sector. hence, identifying the correct industry is imperative to understand these dynamics. despite the postponement or cancellation of many projects, the excess generating capacity has hurt the industry financial situation and led to higher customer rates.

industry analysis format

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hence, it is very important to include proper assumptions and a degree of flexibility to the forecast mechanism rather than just focussing on mechanical tools. we also need to determine whether the industry is making the most of the stage it is undergoing. this model determines the degree of competition in a particular industry and the attractiveness quotient of the industry against the analysis. it is not advisable though to depend on the existing reports alone as industries change over a period of time. though the above mentioned guidelines forms the basis of industry analysis, what differentiates a good analysis from an ordinary one is the approach.