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we are a participant in the amazon services llc associates program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. in addition, text and image links to merchants in this post may be affiliate / referral links, which means we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through those particular links. i used to play this all the time as a child! stick a long piece of painter’s tape to the floor and encourage your children to walk across the beam without falling off. use a bean bag to toss onto the squares of the hopscotch area. roll out the yoga mats and strike a pose! use tablespoons to carry a plastic egg (like the ones you find in stores before easter) across the room to a partner. we have this cute egg and spoon race game that we like to use.

everyone chases that child and tries to pull the tail out! when i worked in out-of-school care, this was a favourite game to play. we simply clear a space in the middle of the living room and start playing our games – our favourite is to try to keep a ball on the parachute while flapping the parachute up and down. i hope you’ve found something fun for you and your children to do. this will make such great fun at our house, so thank you for sharing 🙂 your ideas are always so great, and i’m even more thankful that you share the wealth of your knowledge with us! ), and i bet an egg and spoon race after lunch soon would be a welcome change to our routine. sometimes we like to practice balancing on one leg; add balancing and catching a koosh ball (they don’t bounce off the hands so easily) is an added challenge. you have some great ideas and i’ll pass your blog along for them to check out. i would love it if you would share the link to this post with the moms and dads in your classes.

i will rank these in a top 5 countdown leading up to the top indoor gym game based on student request and excitement at my high school. this is a game i found from gopher and was a little skeptical about at first because it is similar to dodgeball in that students are eliminated. sabakiball is a game i was introduced to at a conference and knew instantly my students would be interested. my students love the concept of this pe game and the ability to use their hands and feet while playing. you will need a student to play goalie in this game and they will get hit with the sabakiball at times, so be warned. we have played this game both outside and inside, but my students prefer inside, although a couple prefer the sand at the beach.

tchoukball is one of my favorite indoor pe games and also close to first place in the minds of my students! i do not have to worry about students hitting each other to get the ball or running each other over. again, i think everyone should have this game and if your school has it and you want to set up a match let me know, because my students want to start a high school league! the only problem you might have is finding a spot to play in my gym. again, these are the top 5 indoor pe games in the eyes of my high school students and in my eyes too! volleybound: each student uses a rebounder to score points in this fun pe game of volleyball. it would be great to have ideas for activities inside the classrooms as well.

below you will find some general guidelines to follow for indoor games, as well as some great go‐to rainy day activities. these work for both summer camp educationworld has a list of five indoor physical education activities teachers can bring to their elementary school gymnasiums this fall. 5 great indoor pe games for small spaces: hallway foosball: two teams of students are seated in a straight line facing opposite ways from each other. hula, indoor pe games with no equipment, classroom pe games, classroom pe games, pe games for kids, pe games for small groups.

top 5 active indoor pe games #5 – yuki-ball #4 – sabakiball #3 – spikeball® #2 – tchoukball., indoor pe games ks2, indoor pe videos, best pe games ever, indoor pe games for 4th grade.

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