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my daycare name is little sprouts learning garden, can you tell that i had hopes for a children’s garden for the daycare? we traveled together to a nearby town for the classes for the multiple saturdays that were required to participate. i continued to listen and write down information while i dreamed of growing food with the kids and passed excited notes to claudia. there are a few garden basics you need to know, and the rest is up to nature. my husband went out to talk to him that day and asked him if we could use the land to grow things with our kids. i write out the markers ahead of time so they can just make the holes and drop in the seeds and don’t have to wait for me in-between types of plants.

it’s important to plant your plants in a different area than you did the year before for pest control and soil health. teach your kids to grow food and plant a kids garden with them today! i am hoping to spread the joy and love for gardening with kids to as many people as possible because it’s so important. one of my favorite things to grow in the garden is cucumbers. i could really grow a bunch of the and it would help to block my dog seeing my neighbors pets! i tried to outline a lot of what we were taught in the video. i’m glad you enjoyed the story of our journey, it’s been so much fun to learn.

we instill a love for learning through nurturing children’s confidence to try new things and explore the world around them. the gratitude garden preschool is focused on providing a fun, nurturing and curiosity-driven environment where children develop a love for learning and a grateful perspective on their lives. the students at the gratitude garden preschool are inventing, building and experimenting with science in a non-toxic and nature-based environment. my daughter went through the preschool program and is now in the kindergarten program and my son is now enrolled in their preschool. the gratitude garden preschool is the type of preschool environment all children can thrive in. my sons are thriving at gg and come home with a huge smile on their faces and get excited about going back to school. the director, dr. rey is one of a kind.

the rooms are always filled with essential oils diffusing to provide a calm and welcoming atmosphere. not to mention the s.t.e.m. the opportunity to get messy, explore and manipulate their world, to play in the dirt, and make new friends all the while learning science and technology is what we needed for our son. dr. rey and all of the teachers are loving and nurturing and i could not think of a better place for my son to spend his days! the steam focused approach to learning is terrific and our daughter has learned so much in her 1 1/2 years at the gratitude garden. the best word to describe this school is magical. the owner, director and teachers are like family to all of the parents, and our boys adore each and every one of them.

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