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some schools are proceeding with face to face instruction…but then there’s the option for remote learning for families too. regardless of the mode of learning you are using, using educational virtual or online learning games to activate and ignite student learning is an excellent way to go. students can download the app for android or ios, and submit answers in the form of a photo, a video, a text response, or by checking in at a specific location. implementation idea: create a back to school kickoff scavenger hunt to informally assess concepts for your subject area and have students digitally explore their google classroom page, the syllabus, and class expectations. implementation idea: let’s say you’re a math teacher in a blended learning classroom where half of your students are logging in remotely for class each day.

kahoot has become a classic go-to in the world of virtual educational games, and they’ve really stepped up in support of educators and families making the shift to distance learning. in a virtual class or in-person session, you can host a live game to review this concept. teachers can create classes or link directly to learning spaces in google classroom, and they can assign informal assessments as homework and customize due dates and answering options. implementation idea: take advantage of existing quiz sets in the ela classroom by choosing vocabulary to review. created by a brilliant high school student determined to re-engage distance learners, gimkit takes virtual games to the next level. whichever site you choose, these online games for distance learning will undoubtedly boost learning engagement and investment in our in-person and virtual classrooms in all of the best ways possible.

this one is a combination that will list the online games i’m using the most with my english language learner students in my english and history classes (feel free to add your own! you can find them at the best online games students can play in private virtual “rooms.” students – and i – love quizizz. “hangman” – without the hanging man – can be played with a simple whiteboard apply like the key, though, is to use it with sentences, and not just single words. backyard has a collection of online games that can be played in video conferences, and some of them could be useful with both ell and non-ell students.

i’m tentatively adding it to this list, but may remove it once we give it a try. kahoot has finally added the ability to show questions and answers on the same screen. i have adult high level students and have found a cheap way to incorporate games – i go to goodwill and look through the games where there are cards that i can use for conversation. i split the class up into two debate teams and rotate speakers. i have used it in the classroom as an ice breaker or a discussion starter for lessons on prioritizing, opinions and leadership.

from scavenger hunts to pictionary, we’ve gathered a batch of virtual games to get students talking, laughing, and engaging with peers. 1. goosechase edu. what is this? report ad. cost: free for educator basic 2. socrative. cost: free for educator basic. grades: k-12 3. kahoot. cost: free educational games for grades prek through 6 that will keep kids engaged and having fun. topics include math, reading, typing, just-for-fun logic games… and, .

create new virtual games and activities pretend reporter – each session, choose a new group of students and let one volunteer or choose one to be the reporter. get your students excited about learning with our collection of teacher-designed educational games. with activities suited for preschool through 8th grade, funbrain is the #1 site for online educational games for kids of all ages. (math, grammar, science, spelling, history), .

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