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force field analysis company template is a force field analysis company sample that gives infomration on force field analysis company design and format. when designing force field analysis company example, it is important to consider force field analysis company template style, design, color and theme. the idea behind force field analysis is that after examining the values of the factors driving or restraining the change, the method should result in a recommendation to either strengthen the forces for change or weaken the forces against change. this method supports the principle that in order to implement a proposed change, driving forces should be stronger than restraining forces. this is the step where you’ll list down all the factors that are in favor of implementing the proposed change. evaluate the impact of the identified factors in this step by incorporating a score to each one.

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the general goal of using this type of analysis is to ensure that for a change to be implemented—the driving forces should be stronger than the restraining forces. there are identified factors that support and oppose the change so management would like to weigh these and see if they can push through with the plan. this template also allows you to do the following: force field analysis is simply a decision-making tool that assists businesses in deciding whether to proceed or postpone a proposed change. force field analysis focuses on the specific change, while swot analysis is a broader strategic tool used to assess an organization’s overall situation in its environment.

whilst it might sound like something that has come straight from the pages of a science fiction novel, force field analysis is actually an extremely valuable tool when applied to business problem-solving or decision-making processes. to help you better understand force field analysis and its application in the business environment, here maguire training offers you a brief overview of this useful methodology. developed in the 1940s by the german-american social psychologist kurt lewin, force field analysis provides a framework for identifying and evaluating of each of the different factors (forces) which may positively or negatively impact on a particular problem or situation. how is force field analysis useful in a business context?

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force field analysis establishes the ‘bigger picture’ in any situation where a business change is required to overcome a problem. firstly, it immediately tells you whether the solution or change under analysis is currently viable or not, and secondly it allows you to minimise or eliminate the factors which effectively restrain your plan and enhance those which support it. examples of the ‘forces’ which should be considered for their positive or negative influence on a particular business change or problem solution might include legislation, resource availability, cash flow, the needs, desires or attitudes of employees or business associates, company policies or business relationships. in its simplest form, the force field analysis method can be applied in a particular situation by completing the following steps: having completed this analysis it should become clear which of the actions that you would need to take in order to successfully drive forward your business change or solution. as explained, this is merely a brief introduction to force field analysis and its many benefits for business.

a force field analysis template in groupmap helps you to visually map and brainstorm, in real time, the driving and resisting forces around decisions to be made. this includes but is not limited to: a force field analysis template  provides a visual representation of the driving forces and restraining forces for and against an initiative, a project or change proposal. the resulting brainstorm allows for scoring to understand how important the forces are and how to address them in a further action plan or swot analysis. to make this scoping exercise easier, you can use the anchors and engines map to understand what is weighing down the move for change (anchors) and what are the factors that can drive or support change (engines).

invite your working group to start sharing or individually listing the driving and restraining forces influencing the expected outcomes at the centre of the force field analysis map. in groupmap’s force field analysis, you can use digital sticky notes or a whiteboard to capture and display the brainstorming. as mentioned above, change affects everyone so it is important to report on the results and next steps from the force field analysis activity. whether you have your best minds together in the same room, or distributed around the world, groupmap’s unique technology allows groups of up to 2000 to submit ideas independently at separate times, from different places, in different timezones. groupmap gives you all the group decision making tools you need to prioritize, decide and take action.