educational play

all of the experiences we are providing to the children have intentional educational components, but they are implemented through play. our curriculum follows two-week themes that teachers bring to life throughout the classroom environment and through the hands-on play experiences they provide for their students. our teachers use their curriculum in conjunction with the connecticut early learning and development standards (ct elds) (pdf). teachers are trained to infuse learning into play through ongoing trainings, interactive learning challenges, and on-site coaching from their trained directors. each week, our curriculum includes activities and experiences that allow our teachers to observe their students as they build skills related to their program’s goals. teachers get together with families a couple times a year to discuss their child’s progress and developmental goals that teachers and parents come up with as a team.

each week’s curriculum includes activities and discussions that introduce new sign language vocabulary and broaden children’s experiences and understanding of ecology, conservation, and personal health. the program is designed to promote emergent reading and writing comprehension. each lesson takes place in a teacher-led, small group setting with the intention of enhancing the emergent literacy skills that children are already learning as part of our epic preschool curriculum. the importance of outdoor play for young children cannot be overstated. our playgrounds are equipped with materials and equipment that allow our teachers to bring the fun outside. our outdoor learning centers include items such as weather stations, giant outdoor musical instruments, easels, huge outdoor construction sets, cascading water tables, and so much more!

learning through play is a term used in education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments. educational playcare offers high quality daycare, child care, education and activities for children ages 0-12. child care centers throughout connecticut. teachers are trained to infuse learning into play through ongoing trainings, interactive learning challenges, and on-site coaching from their trained directors. play-based learning helps engage elementary students in their education and has cognitive, physical, social, and emotional benefits., educational playcare, educational playcare.

– inspirational activities to do with your kids to help them learn & grow!. see more ideas about activities for kids, activities, kids. it’s possible to play with a purpose. there is a difference between free play and playful learning. while both are important, a pedagogy of play froggy jumps. try now the new educaplay game. froggy jumps. educaplay. unscramble words game. try! new version! create now! play now! for. google classroom, .

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