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economic analysis template is a economic analysis sample that gives infomration on economic analysis design and format. when designing economic analysis example, it is important to consider economic analysis template style, design, color and theme. secure .gov websites use https a lock ( lock locked padlock ) or https:// means you’ve safely connected to the .gov website. the office of policy analysis (ppa) supports analysis of the economic effects of natural resource policies and regulations, and the relationship between the economy, environment, natural resource use, and management, for the department of the interior. the doi chief economist is located in the office of policy analysis and leads the economics team. our efforts are often conducted in multi-disciplinary settings and encompass the breadth of interior’s portfolio.

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the economics team provides leadership and routinely works with economists in interior’s bureaus and with other federal agencies. this responsibility provides a broad overview of the department’s survey data collection activities and an opportunity to link such data collection to interior’s mission areas. the ppa economics team’s experience spans five presidential administrations, and includes specialized training in natural resource and environmental economics, economic modeling, benefit-cost analysis, econometrics, policy analysis, business, accounting, political science, sociology, and international affairs. banner photo: the department of the interior’s lands and waters–like those at theodore roosevelt national park in north dakota–provide value, including economic value, to the nation.

epa’s guidelines for preparing economic analyses establish a sound scientific framework for performing economic analyses of environmental regulations and policies. they incorporate recent advances in theoretical and applied work in the field of environmental economics. epa will use the guidelines to evaluate the economic consequences of its regulations and policies to insure that they contribute to a safe environment and a healthy economy. development of the guidelines is led by the epa’s national center for environmental economics (ncee) in consultation with economists from across the agency. in their final report to epa administrator lisa jackson, the sab-eeac offered specific recommendations for improvement, but noted that “…the guidelines significantly elevate the quality and transparency of the information upon which environmental decisions are made.”

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an earlier version of chapter 9 (economic impact analysis) was reviewed by the sab-eeac but several sections of the chapter, namely sections impacts on production, impacts on employment, and impacts on profitability and plant closures, were since revised significantly and are still undergoing revision as we incorporate new literature and advice from the sab’s economy wide modeling subcommittee (their draft report is not yet available but is expected soon). ncee will continue to update chapters of the guidelines as warranted and as the science evolves. new chapters and updates to existing chapters will be peer-reviewed prior to finalization. epa is in the process of revising its guidance for assessing the employment impacts of environmental regulation. for more details and links to recent rias, please see the new cover page to chapter 9. the guidelines are available for download as a single pdf here.