early childhood development and services

we believe every child deserves the necessary tools to build a healthy, successful life. by providing young children with the early reading and math skills they need to be successful in school, and educating their parents or caregivers on the social and cognitive development that happens in early childhood, we are building strong foundations for northern virginia’s youngest residents. the strength of the northern virginia community begins with children and their cognitive, emotional and physical well-being.

with services from early head start and social interactions with their peers at daycare, both of sezounde’s children are hitting all the right milestones — and she now has the tools with which to build them a brighter future. healthy families gave glenda the tools to work through her postpartum depression and help her become a stable, independent mom. she knew she needed help to prepare for her new role as a mom and found support through nvfs to ensure her success as a parent, and in creating a brighter future for herself and her daughter. learn how nvfs helped her receive the parenting support she needed, as well as housing and transportation, to improve her circumstances.

the early childhood development and services pathway includes occupations related to the nurturing or teaching of infants and young children in child care ecd prioritizes early childhood development across acf programs through collaboration and leveraging partnership opportunities through programs, policy and early childhood offers a critical window of opportunity to shape the trajectory of a child’s holistic development and build a foundation for their future. for, .

early childhood programs aim to improve outcomes for young children and their families by offering support services such as child health and development the adece offers a wide variety of resources designed to provide support for professionals dedicated to ensuring children benefit from high quality early you can even search for child care and early learning programs near you! expands programs and services for children birth-to-five throughout illinois., .

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