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thankfully, there’s no shortage of free templates in the articulate community that will help you crank out sharp, engaging projects in a jiffy. test your memory in this safari-themed matching game by bastiaan timmer. test your lateral thinking in this brain teaser game by montse anderson in this community discussion. learn the basics of telemedicine in this challenge game by keith freeman. take your learners on a learning quest in this travel-themed game by jackie van nice. shared by jacinta penn, this template features a grid-based layout that includes weighted questions in three categories.

concept game idea shared by przemysław hubisz in a recent e-learning challenge, this game template features keyboard navigation and custom quiz questions. while this template isn’t fully developed, it does provide users a peek at some advanced options in storyline. the football game was first shared by darrell g in the forums. simple click-and-reveal game based on the popular trivia series by national geographic. here’s a fun and simple grammar game that features a custom timer. test your reflexes in this fast moving, first-person bottle shooter game designed by articulate super hero phil mayor.

in addition to being fun and effective, extraas helps users prepare for a number of exams that the dutch students need to pass. after a few lessons, the learners can play games to unwind and reinforce what they’ve studied at the same time. the game is based on euclid’s “elements” and uses a narrative and several puzzles to teache players the basic theorems and axioms of geometry. there are 6 modules, each focusing on a different part of the plot and aspect of leadership. the pricing is custom, you have to reach out to the developers for a quote. the game is fully animated and has many language options, although most of the users play it to learn english.

the game is designed to teach players about celestial mechanics and rocket science in a fun and engaging way. though the game is still in early access (expected to release in full by the middle of august 2020), it has already gathered a large fanbase and a vibrant modding community. we were up against a tight deadline to launch the project. we approached belitsoft with a concept, and they were able to convert it into a multi-platform software solution. the team managed to adapt to changing requirements and to provide me with best solutions. we have been working for over 10 years and they have become our long-term technology partner.

40+ interactive e-learning games and examples #24 this week’s challenge was around e-learning games. we shared a quick idea for creating your own e-learning 10 free e-learning games templates find the big five matching game visual logic hub and spoke create your own quest quizzify game question challenge. 10 elearning games ideas 1. extraas 2. ticken 3. tet 4. dragonbox elements 5. pacific 6. my herc don’t work 7. codemonkey 8. ruby rei, .

elearning game types role-playing games timed games decision games collaborative games detective games competitive games. new ideas about elearning games at elearning industry. information, benefits, useful tips from our top authors will help you develop your elearning project. too often those two types of games are confused and an instructional designer or other person places the wrong type of game into the curriculum. testing games, .

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