dinosaur counting

i know i do! when my students are interested in something, i try to play off that interest and build on it with our learning activities. one set has numbers, and the second set has number words. this means you can differentiate for your students, or use one set for a while and then move on to the other! like with most of what i print, if i use my home laminator and lamination sheets (they are so much better!!

students count the dinos on the cards and then use a clothespin to clip the correct number or number word. teacher tip: you could also have students cover the correct number or number word with fun manipulatives or use a dry erase marker to circle their answer if the cards are laminated. i put all of them in there together since my kids are all at different levels with what they are ready for (some are ready for number words and some are not) but you could decide if you want to use both, or just focus on one set at a time. you can grab your own free set of the dinosaur counting cards by clicking the large, yellow download button at the very end of the post! then be sure you request your invite so that you can be the first to hear when the doors open again for our print and play club!

kids can practice counting while building fine motor skills with three dino-mite dinosaur counting activities for preschoolers! these counting activities are perfect for working on counting and number recognition while building your preschoolers’ fine motor skills. your preschoolers will love using a hole punch to “crack” the dinosaur eggs. each of these activities works fine motor muscles while reinforcing counting up to 25! in this activity, little ones will identify the number on each egg. then, they’ll use a hole punch to punch the same number of holes in the egg. or, they can use a thumbtack to poke tiny holes in the eggs. this works on a whole different set of muscles in the hand. then, they’ll use a clothespin to identify the correct number.

note: to make this a self-checking activity, you can place a small sticker on the backside of the correct number. tape each dinosaur number card to the top of a chenille stem. dig up the dinosaurs and use fine motor skills to brush off the sand. then, use the microscope to match the dinosaurs to the fact cards. these felt dinosaur tails have a velcro “belt” that allows kids to wear them when they’re playing dress-up and pretending to be dinosaurs. working on number recognition and counting has never been as much fun as it will be with these dinosaur-themed counting activities for preschoolers! tara is a southern girl at heart and mother of 3. as a longtime homeschool momma, she is passionate about equipping and encouraging mommas in their efforts to educate their littlest learners at home. tara loves to crochet and read in her downtime. tara, i teach kinder 4 and 5. your printables help me a lot!!

work on counting, number recognition, and reading numbers with these fun and free dinosaur counting cards for pre-k & kindergarten! kids can practice counting while building fine motor skills with three dino-mite dinosaur counting activities for preschoolers! in this game,you will learn how to count really fast. | dinosaur counting. destiny zhao | basic operations – learn basic operations based on age specific, .

sarpan counting dinosaur color sorting toys with rainbow cups for toddlers 1-3, preschool learning activities classification matching game dinosaur counting book contains 6 pages: numbers 1 to 10; sight words: i, see; 12 page book. click on the files below to download your copy of the dinosaur children count the number of dinosaurs to determine how many. they then compare the first group to the second to determine if there are, .

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