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then you may narrow your search by adding as many other conditions as you like to locate a child care provider that will meet your needs. if you enter a zip code or an address and city the search will locate providers within a certain distance of that zip code or address.

when you are through, click the search button at the bottom of the screen to locate child care providers that meet your requirements. for further assistance in finding a child care provider who can meet the unique needs of your family, please contact the child care resource & referral agency (ccr&r) serving the county you live in by using either their state website at / or call (toll free) 855-244-5301. if you have questions about any of these providers, you can also contact the dhs centralized child care assistance unit in des moines by email at or call (toll free) 866-448-4605. for information about the different types of child care providers operating in iowa, click hereĀ

find a child care provider in nys that is regulated by the office of children and family use this tool to search child care locations near you. – find affordable child care providers near you, including live-in, occasional and all types. match made every 3 minutes on select to search for a provider in your area. you do not need to enter all fields; just enter those which are applicable. search locations within., .

child care finder helps you locate child care in indiana. to start searching for child care providers in indiana, choose a search filter below. find child care. looking for child care in your state? select your state to begin. select a state. select a state, alabama, alaska, american samoa, arizona introducing quality rated, georgia’s new tool to help parents and families find child care programs that meet or exceed state requirements., .

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