cps preschool

we have high-quality, 4- and 5-star-rated preschools ready to enroll your child. or, fill out the preschool interest form, and you will be contacted about a cps preschool for your child. a convenient preschool registration location will be determined when scheduling your appointment. a parent or legal guardian must bring the required documentation when registrating a child for preschool.

parents may register a child into their assigned neighborhood elementary school at any time by visiting the preschool registration hub assigned to that school to submit required documents and the completed cps student registration information form. students eligible for preschool at a neighborhood school follow the enrollment guidelines for neighborhood schools. youngsters who have siblings already enrolled in a neighborhood school may apply to that school’s preschool program early for the upcoming school year. registration to enroll your child does not mean your child has been accepted into a magnet preschool. a child accepted into a magnet preschool who lives within cps’ district boundaries may stay in that magnet school for higher grades without reapplying.

cps offers half- (2.5 to 3 hours long) and full-day preschool options, with hours and services available varying by school. these programs are offered free of there are safe-in-person early learning options available for every 0–5 year-old in chicago. both cps and community-based preschool programs take daily this application is only open for families applying to the preschool programs at all other sy22-23 cps preschool seats are a part of the chicago early, .

preschool programs are for children ages three to four. chicago early learning is the application platform for preschool at some cps elementary schools as well interested in preschool? we have high-quality, 4- and 5-star-rated preschools ready to enroll your child. call (513) 363-0240 for more information. cps preschools open to 3- and 4-year-olds in the district ode 4- and 5-star rated programs 42 conveniently located sites cincinnati preschool promise funds, .

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