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competitor mapping template is a competitor mapping sample that gives infomration on competitor mapping design and format. when designing competitor mapping example, it is important to consider competitor mapping template style, design, color and theme. you can draw such a map quickly and objectively, without having to resort to costly, time-consuming consumer surveys or subjective estimates of the excellence of your product and the shortcomings of all the others. second, track the price your customers actually pay (wholesale or retail? and identify what your customers see as your offering’s primary benefit. third, draw the map by plotting on a graph the position of every product in the market you’ve selected according to its price and its level of primary benefit, and draw a line that runs through the middle of the points. what you get is a picture of the competitive landscape of your market, where all the products above the line command a price premium owing to some secondary benefit customers value, and all those below the line are positioned to earn market share through lower prices and reduced secondary benefits.

competitor mapping overview

the maps even allow companies to anticipate—and counter—rivals’ strategies. that’s all that separated the launch of apple’s revolutionary iphone, on june 29, 2007, and motorola’s next-generation razr2 (pronounced razr squared) cellular telephone, on august 24. before unveiling the successor to the razr, which pc world magazine in 2005 ranked 12th on a list of the 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years, motorola’s top management team was more worried than usual. had the iphone created a new niche or would it take the razr2 head-on? how much extra could they charge for the razr2’s new features? the executives couldn’t wait for the results of focus group sessions or sample surveys.

the purpose of competition mapping is to give you real-life, real-time insights that will supercharge the way you do product development, marketing and pricing. by analyzing your competitors’ products and services, you can identify areas where you can improve your own offerings and stand out in the market. by keeping tabs on your competitors’ moves, you can stay up-to-date with industry trends and developments, helping you stay ahead of the competition and remain relevant to the market. whatever your goal is, make it clear at the start, so you can find competitors that are relevant to your research and don’t gather unusable data.

competitor mapping format

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competitor mapping guide

with this you can identify areas where you need to improve and highlight your unique selling points in the market. to differentiate between the universities and create a compelling proposition for each one, they turned to attest for insights. by analyzing competitive dynamics and the values associated with each university, they were able to create a unique and compelling proposition for each institution, setting themselves apart from the competition and driving new business. thanks to their competition mapping efforts, givaudan gains a more profound understanding of the market and their competitors. attest offers a range of survey templates that can help you to gain the insights you need to map out your competitive landscape and identify gaps in the market.

so the key is to practice competitor mapping so that you are able to discover gaps and find opportunities. awareness of these factors allows you to differentiate your message from the competitors and avoid making the same mistakes. this isn’t exactly the case – you just have to follow a few steps to simplify the process. for competitor mapping to be successful, you must understand why you are mapping your competitors and what you are trying to discover. they can be divided into two groups:  swot analysis can be done quickly, and more importantly – it gives you the big picture of the market and your competitors.

you need to know what people think about your brand and product and whether it evokes positive or negative emotions. the key to taking advantage of your competitors’ activities is to regularly monitor them to find areas in which you can improve. it can include a comparison of your brand performance against the brand that you choose to benchmark against. as soon as all of the data is collected, you can begin preparing your competitor map. you can use competitor mapping to optimize your brand performance and start noticing the “things” that set you apart from competitors and give you an edge over them.