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competitor analysis sheet template is a competitor analysis sheet sample that gives infomration on competitor analysis sheet design and format. when designing competitor analysis sheet example, it is important to consider competitor analysis sheet template style, design, color and theme. this template can help you come out on top by walking you through a detailed analysis of what your competition has to offer, from pricing and messaging to how many followers they have on instagram. by completing this competitive analysis, you’ll get a clear idea of how you can differentiate your company and rise above the crowd. in the top table of the template, write in the competitor’s name as well as the date the analysis was completed and who did it (so everybody knows who to approach with questions). here’s where you’ll cover the nuts and bolts information about that opposing company, such as their mission, key objectives, company size, and revenue. the goal of the competitive analysis isn’t just to understand your competitor. in the competitive advantage section of the template, put on your critical thinking cap and identify your competitive edge. testimonials from trusted authorities in your industry?

competitor analysis sheet format

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you already know that you and your competitors are going after the same win, but in this section, you’re going to see just how closely your target markets align. then do the same for your own company to see where you overlap and where you differ. there’s also a section for additional commentary so that you have space to record your insights and observations as you go through this exercise. use this section to compare your product to your competitors’ by jotting down your product overview, positioning, and pricing and then doing the same for that opposing company. this helps you to highlight what makes your product different, so you can emphasize that value in your marketing and leave your competitors in the dust. this is the largest table in the template, and it gives you ample space to compare what your competitor is doing in those channels with your own strategies. take your time here, and you’ll be sure to uncover some clever ways to make your marketing stand out. identifying risks and areas where you’re falling short can be sort of brutal, but it’s valuable information to have as you figure out how you’ll rise to the top of the heap when the competition is stiff.