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competitive landscape analysis template is a competitive landscape analysis sample that gives infomration on competitive landscape analysis design and format. when designing competitive landscape analysis example, it is important to consider competitive landscape analysis template style, design, color and theme. a competitive landscape analysis provides the information necessary to overcome your competitors and reach your destination. there are a variety of frameworks you can use for analyzing the competition. a strategic group analysis can help you pinpoint your closest competitors and understand the precise nature of the competition. a porter’s five forces analysis provides a framework for examining the overall competitiveness of a particular market. simply enter competitor domains and the tool returns a host of insights you can use to better understand the competitive landscape.

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for competitor audience data, traffic analytics provides a ton of insights that can help you understand your market’s audience and where it corresponds to each of your competitors. with the audience widget, you can view the breakdown of the market audience among competitors in terms of age and sex. when it comes to the competitive landscape as it relates to products and services, both traffic analytics and eyeon can provide a wealth of data. from the eyeon timeline, you can navigate directly to the landing page to peek at how they’re promoting a particular product or service. keyword search volume refers to the number of times a specific keyword is searched for in a specific time frame.

an analysis of your competitive landscape puts you in touch with the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors’ products and how those compare to your own. you need to know where your competitors stand, and how they perform, to determine what your own place is within the landscape. the ultimate goal of competitive intelligence is to help you serve your customers better. to conduct this and the next stage of the analysis, you’ll want to gather competitive intelligence. you want to determine how well each competitor is meeting customer needs, with the ultimate goal of learning where opportunities and gaps exist in the market for you to exploit.

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if the cost of living is rising and people are cutting costs, a budget solution might be poised to steal a ton of market share. this helps you uncover gaps and opportunities in the market. they’ve a lot of future potential and are the opportunities you’ll want to invest in heavily. in your competitor analysis, you can use the growth-share matrix to figure out which products, out of your own and your competitors’, are performing the best. in other words, competitive intelligence is your ticket to the top…. diego rios breaks down how to turn competitor analysis into actionable pieces of sales enablement content for your teams using workera as a case study….