community kindergarten

the structures i put in place created a sense of family that lasted throughout the year and for years to come. one thing i really like to do very early in the school year is to give family members a student inventory so i can get to know their child and so we can begin to collaborate on goals for the child for the school year. teaching your students that you are happy to see them and that you are going to have a great day helps to set the tone. it dawned on me that for some students, the instruction “line up” may be completely new vocabulary, even if they attended pre-k. in the first days of school, harry wong and rosemary wong confirm that everything you can think of for your classroom inner workings needs to have a procedure, and creating checklists for yourself can help you remember everything and be consistent. classroom jobs distribute responsibility for things that need to get accomplished in the room, further building a sense of community and helping kids feel ownership over their classroom and learning.

one way to do this is to choose a student of the day and have students practice writing their name. i would be the first to deliver a compliment to the student, and they would practice telling me thank you. there are many songs that help to teach kindergarten skills as well, and you don’t need to save them for a brain break. i remember the time my students and i had a caterpillar in our room that led to a whole unplanned unit on raising caterpillars and releasing butterflies. in kindergarten, everything is a learning experience and a time to build your classroom community.

children need to feel a sense of trust and connection in order to do their best learning. whether you are a new kindergarten teacher or a seasoned veteran, the overwhelming reality is that you have a new mix of students and personalities in your classroom every year. encourage students to fill up every inch of the paper with images and colors. make eye contact with a student, say their name out loud, then toss the ball to them. have students turn and talk to their neighbor on their right, make sure they know their name, and ask them the question.

one game to play involves having all of your students stand in a circle, holding hands with their neighbors on either side. set a designated amount of time and challenge the groups to build the highest tower possible. i like to break students into five teams of helpers, assigning each team a different day of the week. )  have students sit in a circle and go around, asking each student to offer one thing they appreciate about the birthday girl or boy. try any or all of these activities to create the classroom community that helps your students thrive.

building a classroom community in kindergarten isn’t always easy. here are ten practical teaching and classroom management tips to help. first year class: mon/tue or wed/thurs -mrs. danielle 3 day prek- mrs. mimi (debbie) 4 day prek- 989 country club rd, eugene, or 97401. we cover this in may in kindergarten, but if you’re in first or second grade, it may be perfect to start the school year with. this page, .

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