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we, here at circle time preschool and childcare, feel that meeting each child’s needs is essential for growth. circle time provides a literature based program through constant exposure to books, poems, songs and the written language. we also offer opportunities for children to explore, create, play and succeed with the use of activity centers, each with a different focus, such as art, science, and dramatic play areas.

our multi-level center provides children with the opportunities to develop concrete thinking and social skills as well as to create a positive self image. the use of hands-on experiences allows children to manipulate and investigate their surroundings. using hands-on and manipulative materials in the classroom provides children with the opportunity to explore and create their own method of learning. through the learning process, education prepares the children socially, emotionally and mentally for the challenges of life.

what are some ways to ‘spice things up’ during this time when all the kids come together with their early childhood educator? the song can also be a queue to get them to leave their play stations and start to gather around at the carpet. circle time can be used to give children a sense of time, and organization, by going over a calendar or week’s agenda. and the whole class can look forward to that event. let the kids have a conversation about it too – how do they want to celebrate? for example, if the day or week is going to be about bugs, have a magnifying glass ready for the kids.

or, the kids can take turns picking an object out of the box and showing it to the group. for sure, this should be a story with pictures you can show the kids, and one in a larger format too. that’s ok. you can try a few “shhhh” gestures, or ask the children to pay attention. or, maybe take a trip to the library, so the kids can initiate the book they want to read, check it out, and bring it back to the classroom for story time. remember, either way, this time is meant to be short, and age-appropriate for the little ones, who won’t have a long attention span. central to our … read more about choose a daycare centre in metro vancouver that believes in teaching, and goes the distance for your child rainforest learning centre inc. provides private preschool education options to early childhood learners in the metro vancouver area.

providing preschool, toddler and infant childcare since 1987. circle time childcare preschool located in waterford, michigan provides child care to children from ages 2 weeks to pre-kindergarten. phone 248-623-4601. circle time preschool & child care is a year round school. the center offers care and education from 10 weeks to the age of 5., .

founded in 1965, circle time child care’s goal is to provide exceptional child care while preparing 3809 farragut ave, kensington, md 20895-2004, circle time or carpet time at preschool or daycare is an essential part of any classroom. the routine helps ‘calibrate’ the toddlers for the day, and brings for over 55 years, circle time child care inc. has prepared children for success. our goal is to provide exceptional child care while preparing children, .

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