choice boards for distance learning

choice boards give students the freedom to decide on learning activities that interest them and they’re perfect for learning in-class or at a distance. there are a lot of ways to set up a choice board for remote learning, depending on how creative you want to be and how much time you have. google slides allow complete freedom to get creative with your theme and add your own backgrounds, images, and add links to anywhere. try to include a mix of activities that your kids are familiar with, but also some new items too. the way your board is organized helps students find an activity to meet their learning goals quickly. add text boxes to label each of the areas or activities.

they’ll know what to expect when they click on the activity if they see the app icon, character, or book cover they already know. seesaw is a great place to add your choice board so that you can easily collect student responses and your kids can easily interact with the activities. seesaw’s community library has tons of choice board examples for you to choose from. in my tic-tac-toe example from google slides, i could export the final design as a pdf, then upload it to seesaw and all the links would still work for my students to click on. bingo is another style of choice board that is easy to use with your students. symbaloo is a fast and easy way to set up choice boards for remote learning this school year. it is important to think about how you want to organize the information on your choice board so that it is easy for a student to figure out where to go.

choice boards and distance learning are a marriage made in the crazy world of covid. so what are choice boards and how will they help you with distance learning? they do so in a way that offers students a choice in how they learn or develop that skill. in general, students tend to like these learning menus because they get the freedom to choose. that’s why choice boards are the perfect tool to use right now with distance learning. in many districts, like mine, teachers can’t hold students accountable for completing work, nor can we give them a grade. teachers are hoping that their students will sign on and learn because it’s in their best interest, but that is not always happening. my first two choice boards (grab them for free) were designed to give kids a variety of learning experiences, from visiting a virtual museum and writing a response, to listening to podcasts and sketching scenes. the kids could choose to do a certain number of activities within a two week period, ones that were created to keep them busy and interested.

for example, i wanted something to get the kids building their speaking and listening skills, as that is the hardest thing to work on in our new distance reality. i searched out podcasts and youtube channels that covered a wide range of topics, so students would be able to choose something they would find interesting. i have three different writing choice boards – two require the kids to choose a photo prompt to write a draft. the third writing menu provides them with mentor texts they can use for inspiration for a variety of writing tasks. there is one that kids can use when they are reading their own novels, and one that focuses on nonfiction texts only. in all cases, the tasks are designed with links that can give students a little more information if they need it. as i already said, many of us aren’t giving grades, but if you are, the choice boards offer a very basic grading option – students can choose a certain number of tasks and earn five points for each task. the main goal is to keep the kids interested enough to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening. if you have questions about how choice boards work, please feel free to reach out.

free home learning choice boards for distance learning ; grade levels. not grade specific ; subjects. english language arts, math ; free. log in to download add so much learning happens through hands-on activities! use these “for fun” choice boards to send to families during distance learning, or with your own family! choice boards are the perfect tool for distance learning because they give students freedom to choose topics and activities that match their, free digital choice boards, free digital choice boards, choice boards for students, choice boards template, choice board activities.

these choice boards are a great way to foster student independence both in the classroom and. activities. leave a comment – no comments choice boards are easy to implement in virtual learning settings. teachers can easily create one on a google doc with embedded links and posted into their in this episode, laura steinbrink shares her choice board strategy for student home learning with both offline and online options., choice boards for elementary students, virtual choice board template.

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