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take the survey to see daycares that match your preferences and work best for you.each daycare has its own approach & specialties. while they each have their own expertise and approach, they all share a genuine love for educating and helping young children grow & thrive. of course, we have a well-rounded schedule of activities that the children love to engage with. daycare can be a thrilling but intimidating new experience, and to have this shared language brings a lot of comfort for young children. finding a spot also depends on age and schedule because each daycare has a limited number of openings for each age range.

most care for 6 to 10 children and take both infants and toddlers. but really good care is what gives you the peace of mind to go back to work and feel confident that your child is getting the stimulation, socialization, and support they need to learn and we created neighborschools to make this piece of parenthood a whole lot easier. before neighborschools, services like these were only designed for large corporate child care centers, and part of our mission is to level the playing field for small, independent child care programs. each program has a limited number of spots for each age range, so we need to know your schedule and child’s age before we can share availability. take the survey and get 3 daycare recommendations that fit your preferences.

children will learn to speak mandarin and learn simplified chinese characters. children will learn to speak mandarin and learn simplified chinese characters. in our chinese program, children are surrounded by chinese in a mandarin rich environment where they learn through stories, poetry, music, and cultural activities. mandarin is one of the most widely-spoken languages in the world and one of the most important business languages in the global market. in early childhood, children are able to pick up the proper tones and speech patterns.

children who do not speak chinese at home will learn to understand and speak chinese because of our fully immersive classrooms. they will realize that there is a “school” language and a “home” language. confusion, if any, is transient because, as you’ll be amazed to see, your children will seamlessly figure out their world in both english and mandarin. some children can already speak mandarin while others have no prior exposure to the language. we begin to teach basic simplified chinese characters in the age 4-5 classroom. while our focus in the immersion program is mandarin language, we incorporate english into daily lessons to ensure that children will be prepare for a standard american kindergarten curriculum.

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panda bilingual daycare is a bilingual mandarin-english early learning center combining the montessori educational philosophy with chinese and american our spanish-chinese language immersion school offers an inquiry-based approach to learning for kids ages 12 weeks through kindergarten near dallas, tx. shoreline chinese preschool bilingual preschool & day care, low ratio, daily home made nutritious food, over 1500 sqft indoor and 5000 sqft outdoor play, .

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