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cage analysis template is a cage analysis sample that gives infomration on cage analysis design and format. when designing cage analysis example, it is important to consider cage analysis template style, design, color and theme. it can seem scary, difficult and full of challenges, and while that may be true, it can also be highly successful, enjoyable and be a key part of your growth. we’re going to assume you’ve completed your external analysis, meaning you’re aware of the current environment you operate in and have potentially selected a new market to enter. the cage distance framework is a framework to capture essential information you need to consider when entering a new market and highlight how big a difference there is between what you currently do and what you will need to do. there are many examples of companies going into different markets and failing (see nokia’s approach to the us in the 2000s) so the cage distance framework can be a really effective way to ensure markets are analysed correctly. it’s important to consider how your own country is viewed within the market too, and what impact that will have on your market entry.

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while often considered, the true impact of administrative details is not always realised when a business enters a new market. there is a lot to consider and early sight of these issues will save a lot of time (and margin!). the geographic differences found in a cage distance framework include: clearly the economic differences will impact your success, and can have wide ranging consequences on your pricing, uptake and margins. the economic differences in a cage distance framework include: the cage framework works well with porter’s five forces as a method for complete evaluation of a geographic marketplace and pestle. swot analysis is a well known strategy tool – probably the first strategy tool most people come into contact with without realizing its to do with strategic analysis. to tackle the challenges that come with building a successful strategy for organizational growth, it’s essential to start by knowing how to build a business growth strategy effectively.

one way to do this is to analyze the political, economic, and cultural risks discussed earlier in this chapter. cultural distance: this refers to the differences of cultures between the target and home countries. for example, as a former colony of great britain, there is a smaller cultural distance between the us and the united kingdom than there is between the us and spain. societal customs and values also play a key role in cultural distance. in countries where the political systems are different, for example, democracy versus communism, there is a greater distance and more uncertainty. in the dominican republic, for instance, companies are required to pay employees a thirteenth month of salary at the end of the year, as a bonus. the more miles the countries are apart, the longer and more costly it is to go there or to ship from one to the other.

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the ease of communication between countries is another. geographic distance can also be affected by the infrastructure of a country in other ways other than communication and internet capabilities. if the purchasing power and disposable income of the target country are quite different from the home country, working in the target country is more challenging. the cage framework can be used to help make a decision. as can be seen from the cage scores, the chipotle executives’ hunches about spain proved incorrect, and canada is the best location to first go international. the video for this lesson discusses the cage framework and how it can be used to evaluate international trade opportunities. core principles of international marketing [pressbooks edition]. pankaj ghemawat: cage framework for international trade – global matters .

the cage distance framework offers a set of attributes to consider when evaluating the attractiveness of foreign markets. culture can be defined as the collection of beliefs, values, and social norms — the unwritten, unspoken rules of the game — that shape the behavior of individuals and organizations. cultural attributes influence consumer preferences such as size, features, and colors, among others, that may increase distance to your home culture. generally speaking, the farther away a foreign market is from your local market, the harder it is to conduct business successfully. i run a software company, so i want to interpret the cage distance framework on the less common example of software internationalization.

still, some of the dimensions of the cage model are highly relevant to a software product. the ux/ui aspect may also include a complete redesign to fit local cultures and conveniences. additionally, the timezone distance may come into play for your customer support as well. if the economic distance becomes too large, it may even make sense to reconsider the business model and monetization scheme for a local market: where one market may be served with a freemium model, another market may rely on monetization through advertising. thank you for taking the time to visit my website – i hope you found something here that was helpful or thought-provoking!