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business model case study template is a business model case study sample that gives infomration on business model case study design and format. when designing business model case study example, it is important to consider business model case study template style, design, color and theme. it is a subject little investigated in the international context, and there are no studies to investigate the experience of brazilian companies. (2010), the bmi is essential to the achievement of companies’ success in the complex and dynamic environment. similarly, prahalad and ramaswamy (2004) contribute to a new approach and define innovation as the incorporation of new technologies aiming to increase the competitiveness and added value of the organizations in the market. innovation is the production of new products, services, production and organization methods that are new to the company and to the market (johannessen and olsen, 2011). (2014), bmi is defined as a new value proposition to the client and as the reconfiguration of organizational structures. so, at this paper, we consider bmi as the new configuration, due to changes in the forms of proposition, development and delivery capacity of the company for its consumer. interviewee 3 reveals that the increase in the portfolio and the expansion of the market was a motivating factor for innovation to achieve new business strategies. the interviewee states that the innovation in the yellow company is considered as adaptive, using technologies from other industries, by searching tendencies of innovation and technologies that were never used in their markets. interviewee 4 reports that the company makes a sale besides the product, combined with a business concept, through advice to the layout of projects and consulting.

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interviewee 2 says that the political and economic instability make companies think in the short term and of survival, while innovation requires effort to generate a satisfactory result. the interviewee states that in cases of innovation and changes, it is necessary to have people lined up with the strategy who can adapt themselves. the processes occurred due to the identification of new market opportunities and to the need to survive in the business environment. moreover, it is recommended to investigate companies operating in the same sector, so that it is possible to have more comparison between the answers and behavior of the companies related to bmi. 89 nos 1/2, p. 100107. casadesus-masanell, r. and zhu, f. (2013), “business model innovation and competitive imitation: the case of sponsor-based business models”, strategic management journal, vol. markides, c. (2006), “disruptive innovation: in the need of better theory”, journal of product innovation management, vol. and ramaswamy, v. (2004), “co-creation experiences: the next practice in value creation”, journal of interactive marketing, vol. (2014), “business model innovation- state of the art and future challenges for the field”, r&d management, vol. (2001), “the past and future of competitive advantage”, mit sloan management review, vol. 22-36. zott, c. and amit, r. (2008), “the fit between product market strategy and business model: implications for firm performance”, strategic management journal, vol.

the idea is simple: stakeholders evaluating a product may be able to see the value of that product by learning how other companies have tried and succeeded with it. the strongest case studies are usually created in collaboration between two companies: your organization and that of a current or former customer with whom you have a good relationship. as we mentioned above: most of the time, the customer-partner that agrees to help you with your case study receives no major benefit from the project. before you begin, take a moment to review your overall objectives and the story that you want to tell.

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to make sure you have access to the full scope of information related to the products and services mentioned in your case study. when you’re satisfied with your case study, it’s time to send a copy of the draft to your client for their review and approval. remember, the best case studies are relatable to all of your prospects! results: stripe gives a lot of detail here for a strong close to the case study. by placing your customers and their experiences at the front of your marketing, you can use trust and relatability to bridge a gap in a way that numbers and data just can’t provide.