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as is analysis template is a as is analysis sample that gives infomration on as is analysis design and format. when designing as is analysis example, it is important to consider as is analysis template style, design, color and theme. the as-is process flow chart and the to-be process flow chart are two ways of process documentation. the as-is process mapping is about understanding the here-and-now of business processes. comparison of the as-is and to-be process mapping helps in identifying the difference between current and target (future) business states. so, a final review of all the gathered data and the as-is process map is required to ensure that every step in the process is covered. the to-be process map defines the solutions to the problems identified in the as-is analysis. there are several goals or motivations for implementing the as-is process modelling.

as is analysis overview

irrespective of the way you choose to represent the process, at the core is the as-is process analysis. the as-is to-be template for documentation helps businesses identify process areas that are prime for improvement or modification and designs a path to achieve these improvements. the as-is mapping requires the gathering of complete information about the process from the users and stakeholders. the as-is process map is the starting point for the to-be analysis. the as-is process map is created for the new process and another to-be map is created from new process data. an as-is to-be template is a two-pronged approach to process improvement, where the former mapping helps identify areas of improvement and the latter design ways to go about process improvements/changes.

if you are looking to implement a continual improvement initiative, it is essential to understand the ‘as is – to be’ model and how crucial it is to successful process improvement. this approach not only enables the impact of the changes proposed to be understood before they happen, but avoids the very real possibility of making things worse, by changing things when you don’t really understand why they are done that way. mapping the as is process will only reveal your business processes as they are today. naturally, not every business requires an in-depth analysis of the as is and the to be.

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but here are a few example scenarios when analysing your as is processes is particularly necessary:  the latter was the case for the new charter group’s (now part of the jigsaw homes group) quality management team. implementing an as is – to be model and then continuously making improvements does take time and resources, there is no getting away from that. however in terms of an implementation plan, there are in fact just 10 steps:  in order to capture your as is analysis correctly and model the to be processes you will definitely need process mapping software. mike founded triaster in 1994. a thought leader in business improvement, he has led triaster ever since, spearheading its development of beautifully engineered business improvement software, that is both full of the functionality required by business analysts and that end users find really easy to use.

if customers are getting frustrated with your organization’s level of service or if business users are confused about the right process and steps to take in a given situation, this is your sign that it’s time to analyze the as is business processes in your organization. if so, as a business analyst, it’s your job to analyze the as-is business process and help everyone get on the same page. today i’m discussing the as-is business process and how business analysts can analyze different organizational processes to help improve business operations and really provide more clarity to all members of the organization. to get a rundown of all of these elements, you can download our free business process template. often they can provide another perspective on what the business process should do, and they might be really surprised to learn what is actually happening.

so often it’s important to have people who are actually doing the process involved as well as management or people who have the idea of what the outcome of that business process should be, and how they believe it should be performed. one of the most frequently asked questions we receive is whether or not you always have to do the as-is. i find that it almost always makes sense to start with the as-is because this brings a lot of clarity and it gives your team a solid foundation to build from. also, if you find that business users are confused about what the current state process is or what steps to take in current situations, it makes sense to start with the as-is so you can get everybody on the same page about what they should be doing currently. finally, if your organization was to automate or streamline the current processes but, again, that current state is not well understood or documented, you need to start here. we have a free business process template that you can download today and that will help you get business users from multiple departments on the same page and clarify their actual step-by-step workflow.