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analysis of results template is a analysis of results sample that gives infomration on analysis of results design and format. when designing analysis of results example, it is important to consider analysis of results template style, design, color and theme. we unlock the potential of millions of people worldwide. results analysis will help you understand how your students are learning, and how they have performed in each area of the syllabus. you can use the information to identify areas of strength and weakness in order to focus your teaching where it’s most needed. you can analyse data at whole school and individual candidate level, look at your overall results, or focus on how your students have performed in specific areas of the syllabus. exams officers can give access to teachers at their school who can then view the data through the school support hub. at the moment the data available through results analysis is limited to nine of our most popular cambridge igcses. the information available in the results analysis will help you improve your understanding of how well your students are learning and how they have performed in each exam. you can also use the information to understand how close to a grade boundary individual candidates are. cambridge provides this data for schools’ internal use only.

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if you wish to share this data with a third party, ensure you have the required candidate consent before you share the data. please see the ‘candidates’ section, under ‘centre and cambridge associate responsibilities’, in the cambridge handbook for our regulations on the protection of personal data and sensitive personal data. exams officers from both cambridge international schools and cambridge associate schools have access to results analysis. exams officers can give access to teachers in their school through the school support hub. once a teacher has access they will see the results analysis tab in the main navigation bar at the top of the school support hub home page. we recommend you use chrome or firefox or the latest version of internet explorer (ie10 or 11). 6. do cambridge associate schools have access to results analysis? exams officers in cambridge associate schools can access results analysis, and can give access to teachers in their school through the school support hub. 7. can cambridge associates access results analysis to view data across their schools? although cambridge associate schools have access to results analysis, cambridge associates are currently unable to use this service.

this must be decided in relation to how much time you have for project, the skills of the team, and how important the decisions are that be based on the information. some of them you would do without think but it is useful to look at all of these activities and develop some of then that they are more formal and can be included in the final result to enable more comprehensive, professional and useful recommendations. once all the focus groups have been conducted, and you have the results from each session, then it is necessary to look at all the focus group discussions together and begin to describe findings that apply to the study as a whole. at the end of this activity you should have produced a set of results with a detailed description of what you believe the results tell you in relation to your objectives. this makes it easier to identify sections of interest later on, as all you will then need to do when looking at the issue of access is run your eyes down the transcripts and take all the responses marked clinacc.

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you can use the list of information you require to prepare a lot of code words. not all responses fall into neat categories of the information that you have expected to obtain. it is important to keep in mind that you will be writing your results not only from the log book, but also from the notes that you made while reading the transcripts as a whole. if you choose to indicate numbers of focus groups or number of responses, then it is simply a matter of adding up the tallies in the log book. this careful look at the results will lead you into writing a report and making recommendations.