alphabet activities

grab a sharpie and write all the upper and lower case letters on them. squirt shaving cream on a table and let your kids write letters in the cream. now use them to have kids create uppercase and lower case letters. give your kids watercolor, let them paint the paper, and watch the letters appear. mix up the letters and ask a child to match them up and put them in the right order. pancakes can be made into letters, jello can be cut into letters, and noodles can be used to make letters (just to name a few). tell kids to go find objects that start with each letter of the alphabet.

at the end, use a glue stick to glue them all together to make an abc popup book! put the bottle in front of a child and have them write the spice name in the spice to make things a bit more challenging. teachers all share that instant recognition of letters and practice writing them is so important for learning to read. make 2 sets of index cards with all the letters on them (52 cards in all). the player with the letter closest to a wins the hand and takes the card. then separate the two and throw them all in a basket. draw big letters on a piece of paper and have kids line up loose parts to make the letter.

it’s time to learn those letters and letter sounds. i’ve got everything you need to teach your child the alphabet and letter sounds with some super interactive alphabet activities. childen typically start to recognize letters as toddlers. play games and keep it fun (i have lots of those below.) i like to start with the letters in a word that carries a lot of meaning to the individual who is learning- their name. play with the letters in a child’s name as a group or break into chunks of letters. it’s all about discovering and exploring. you will find that when your child is ready to write letters, she will most likely form uppercase letters first. i stick with the common sounds when it comes to a letter that represents more than on sound.

i start with the hard sounds for c and g as in cap and gas. check out this letter sound video i created.—>listen and watch the letter sounds video my top resource is a book. if there is one manipulative that i have used with kids over and over to work on the alphabet, it is a set of magnetic letters. playing with toddlers is the top way to introduce little ones to the alphabet. preschool is the perfect time to continue exploring the alphabet with preschoolers. we also start to sort letters by common attributes (group letters that have curves vs letters that are all straight lines.) i just make sure to stress letters sounds with our kinders. there are so many great alphabet books ranging from very basic letter identification type to subject specific books that even work with older children. i will caution you that i don’t like the prompts that it gives for saying the letter sounds. playing and reading with toddlers and preschoolers will encourage lots of alphabet learning.

this is a list of the best preschool alphabet activities we’ve done! they are all fun, hands-on ways to teach the alphabet and letter sounds! one of our favorite alphabet activities starts by creating a book out of 26 pieces of paper and staples or hole punches and a ribbon. have kids a huge list of alphabet activities that are developmentally appropriate for toddlers and preschoolers. lots of hands-on and playful resources., .

pop the ice letters out and place them in a sensory bin. grab some washable paint and put it in an art tray! let the kids have fun painting the activity #2: letter collages. i love letter collages! they are a great way for kids to practice and learn the letters of the alphabet. it helps 5. the all-in-one abc play dough & activity mats alphabet square – children can finger trace the large letters or they can place a coil of play dough, wikki, .

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