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emily listmann is a private tutor in san carlos, california. she has worked as a social studies teacher, curriculum coordinator, and an sat prep teacher. in this case, 89% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. a slow learner is a child who learns at a pace a little behind others of their age and grade level. slow learners are not always learning disabled, and may have ordinary lives outside of the classroom.

to help slow learners, take a variety of approaches to teaching important subject matter. to help a slow learner in your classroom, summarize the main learning points before each lesson so they know what to focus on. when you reach these points during the lesson, make sure to repeat them a few times, which can help your student remember the information. another useful method is to use more audio and visual aids to stimulate their senses and help them remember. pay attention to which kind of aids help your student best, so you can use more of these in the future.

for example, he may need the structure and logic of a phonetic approach to reading, but he is being taught with a whole language approach. kids who struggle with reading and spelling often have a misconception: they think that the key to reading and spelling success is memorizing strings of letters. if he knows that the sound of /j/ at the end of a short-vowel word is spelled with dge, the word bridge becomes simple to read and spell. in a short lesson, your child’s attention is less likely to wander, and you’ll find that you can actually accomplish more. the first nine tips are all built into the all about reading and all about spelling programs, but putting the power of encouraging words to work in your homeschool is all up to you! here are some additional articles you may find informative as well: signs of a reading problem break the “word guessing” habit the “no gaps” approach to reading and spelling i’m sorry to hear your son is struggling, fazlin.

i hope you find the tips and ideas in this blog post helpful. it is based on the orton-gillingham approach to reading and spelling. here are some additional articles you may find helpful as well: signs of a reading problem how to teach phonograms helping kids sound out words how to develop reading fluency the “no gaps” approach to reading and spelling i hope you find the tips in this blog post helpful, cathrine. you may find our the “no gaps” approach to reading and spelling helpful as well. hopefully, the tips in this blog post can help, but you may find our signs of a reading problem article helpful as well. you may find the signs of a reading problem blog post help in addition to the tips and suggestions on this page.

use audio and visual aids. slow learners may struggle with basic skills such as reading, so movies, pictures, and audio can help them learn things that they try having him read aloud to you for about 20 minutes a day so that you can require him to slow down and read each word as it is written. in my experience, it this is an alternate approach for the regular classroom teacher in instructing the slow learner. remedial teaching is the use of activities, techniques and, .

show pictures and videos, conduct games and group activities and provide hands-on tools that can reinforce learning. have students build models, paint pictures or act out scenes that explain an idea. give students mnemonics that will help them memorize the names of the planets or trigonometric ratios. – explore fatima suhail’s board “helping slow learners” on pinterest. see more ideas about dyslexia resources, teaching, dyslexia help. peer tutoring works better for slow learners. when their teachers are of the same age, they get encouraged. let them select 1 or 2 of his, .

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